Dish Network - Dish Network abuses another senior!

Posted on Thursday, September 4th, 2008 at 7:25pm CDT by acfb6f5e

Product: Dish Network

Company: Dish Network

Location: Dept. 0063 IL
Palatine, 60055-0063, US


Category: Other

Dishnetwork took unautorized charges out of my bank account. They could not get a technician out to my new place to meet with the grounds keeper where he could show the technician where to install the dish, so the customer service representative said it was there fault and was sending a box where I could mail the equipment back to her. Today I get an automated phone call from my bank letting me know that there were strange charges being taken out of my account and it was dish network. Two days in a row they withdrew almost $92. I called and spoke with Kimmie today and she was extremely rude and nasty to me and kept telling me although the customer service representative I spoke with that canceled my account said it was dish networks fault, Kimmie kept saying to me over and over "It's your fault."

I feel descriminated against because I am a senior citizen and people feel they can take advantage of us, I feel violated, and they took the last of my bill money so bills I haven't paid yet this month will go unpaid and I will be behind on them and it will be impossible to catch up. Just another abused senior!


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