Dish Network - Charge after cancellation

Posted on Thursday, September 4th, 2008 at 11:36am CDT by 6251c195

Product: Dish Network

Company: Dish Network

Location: Providence, RI, 02940, US


Category: Other

I canceled the service back in January 10 2008. Recently I looked a closer look at my credit card bill and realized that the service was not canceled. I had not received a bill since then. (I was told that I switched to paperless billing in Dec 22, 2007)

I called dishnetwork to ask for a refund, but was told that I was told on January 10 2008 to call back for cancellation (which I was not told and did not do) and that the charges are not refundable. I told them that I was never told that, and that I had moved out of the house then, but they would not reverse the bill.

There was no reason for me to call back for the cancellation and was never told to. I believe they should honor the cancellation call and refund the charges.

I would be pleased if they honor the call of my cancellation on Jan 10 2008 and would even consider becoming their customer again. But if not, never would I be their customer since I feel I have been cheated.


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