Best Buy - Bad service from Best Buy

Posted on Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008 at 2:24pm CDT by 5318ffbf

Company: Best Buy

Location: 7308 S Olympia Ave
Tulsa, Ok, US

Category: Other

We called best buy to see if they had a video camera in stock and to see if they did price matching. We were on the phone for about 15 minutes on hold, we hung up pulled into the parkign lot about 8 minutes later adn few cars were there adn fewer customers inside. We told teh guy at the front door and he didn't seem to acre much. We went back to buy the camera and no one ever came to help us so we started to leave and the same idiot at he front door asked if we got what we needed and we said no. He said let me page someone and we said no thanks we'll go to Sam's Club where we can get customer service and he actually said "oh ok".


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