DirectTV - Unauthorized Credit Card Charges

Posted on Monday, September 29th, 2008 at 10:17pm CDT by 45dcf55c

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In August 2008, my directv service was disconnected for non payment. I only owed the one month, which I do not dispute. Two weeks later, I received an email stating that they had discontinued my service. On 09/29/2008, I attempted to pay my electricity bill with my credit card. To my surprise, the charge was declined. When I checked my balance, DirecTV had charged my card, $179.17. When I called them, I first spoke with a girl who barely spoke english, becoming increasingly frustrated, after spending 10+ minutes on hold, I asked for a supervisor. I was then transferred to a Gentleman named Dax, Dax refused to give me his last name, but informed me his ID # was 100292449. I explained to him what had happened, and that my car had been charged for more than what was owed. I had service for more than 4 years, so there was no early cancellation fee. After he reviewed my file, he agreed that On 09/22/2008, DirecTV had cut my new Bill, now note that I had NO service for the month of August. On the same day, 09/22/2008, they [Directv] charged my card for the same amount that they billed me for. This bill was not mailed to me, emailed to me, nor was the charge authorized. I did not, nor have I ever, elected for automatic bill pay. THE CHARGE WAS MADE WITHOUT MY CONSENT!! After getting a long speech from "Dax", I hung up the phone. I am sure I will not hear from them again, but he assured me that I would hear from his supervisor, whose name is "Marlon" his voice mail number, NOT A REAL VOICE number, is 956-784-7088. So on 09/22/2008 DirecTV cuts a new bill with inflated charges, On 09/22/2008, they also pre-authorize my credit card for the amount of the inflated bill, On 09/27/2008 they post the charges, aparently this 5 day period was to see if I would notice the charge. On 09/29/2008 I spoke with "Dax", and reluctantly I will see if they will keep their word. I will update this post when they do. Until then, Beware of DIRECTV!!!! I would entertain hearing from any attorney who would like to file suit against DirecTV. Please note the following information listed below my name and account number is information that was cut and pasted directly from their website. If you notice there is NO automatic bill pay selected!

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dfda47b6, 2008-12-05, 09:23PM CST

I totally agree. This same thing happened to me, except they charged the debit/banking card that I used to pay online. When I called DirectTV the 'chinese' lady told me that they charged the card that I gave them when is signed up for the service. UMMMM, I told her no you didn't, because I didn't have one then, or else I'd have DishNetwork. She said they had one on file. I told her "the only card that I ever gave them was when I paid SECURELY online with a one-time payment.

Nothing ever came from this. SUcks!!!

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