Posted on Friday, September 26th, 2008 at 12:47pm CDT by 4276e1ee

Product: Repair Service Agreement- Tractor

Company: SEARS

Location: Birmingham, AL, US


Category: Other

We purchased a 2008 Craftsman Professional Lawn Tractor ($2000) and purchased an addition Protection Agreement ($400) in April 2008. With less than 25 hours of use, the tractor had a major piece vibrate loose and cause damage to deck & blades. Service was scheduled for 9/25/2008 between 8:00a.m. and 5:00p.m. I had to use 1 whole vacation day to wait for the repair service technician. Having not heard anything from them by 4:05p.m., I called and heard that we were service call #9 of 9 for the day and that he had just arrived at #8 - 45 minutes away from our house. No telling when they would have called to inform me they would be late. When they finally called, I was rescheduled for the next day (another vacation day wasted) between 12-2p.m. at my request. The next day a technician calls in the morning at 10:30, leaves a voicemail and said they were on the way to my house. I called SEARS back and said that it was supposed to be between 12-2. They said they would have the technician call me. No phone call from them by 12:30, so I called SEARS again and they said I was the last stop on their list again. I informed them that's what they said yesterday and we got bumped. Once again, they said they would have the technician call.... I was also informed that technicians carry limited parts on their trucks, and despite giving them the specific part numbers, another appointment call would be needed. Still waiting on the repair technician to call or show up!!!! 2 Wasted Vacation Days; 2 Trips to the farmhouse where the tractor is at....still no service; actually POOR SERVICE. Promises made & not KEPT!


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