Curves at Encino Park - Never Join Curves at Encino Park

Posted on Friday, September 26th, 2008 at 6:50pm CDT by fb843e68

Company: Curves at Encino Park

Location: Evens Rd 281 intersection
San Antonio, TX, 78261, US


Category: Other

Never join curves at Encino Park, Please see the reasons below:

- There is no water provided for the people who work out

- There is no minimum courtesy for the customer provided.

- They always open two minutes late than starting time early in the morning every day.

- They never allow the customer to work out if the customer is late by 2 minutes than scheduled last work time, The manager wasnot ready to talk to customer at that moment. She told the customer to talk afterwards.

- There were times when they opened curves one hour late on saturday

- The trainers are changed every month. There is no employee retension. Every week you turn around, you will see a new face, which are not trained properly


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