Alimova - Handyman / Contractor Fraud

Posted on Thursday, September 25th, 2008 at 1:35pm CDT by 480b2119

Product: James Koufos the Cheat.

Company: Alimova

Location: 81 Albury Way, North Brunswick, NJ.
North Brunswick, NJ, US

Category: Other

This cheat claims to do kitchens in 6,000 and baths in 4,000. But he uses such inferior cabinets and his work is also so poor.

I had a cabinet door completely broken down and the floor tiles all shaking and loose in just 3 months, after he finished the work. But he would just vanish after he collects his money. He would never pick up your call nor return your messages.


Might as well pay a little more and hire someone with some work ethics and quality in work.


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