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Posted on Thursday, September 25th, 2008 at 2:00pm CDT by 7dc0f76c

Product: Telephone Service

Company: AT&T

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AT&T Complaint

On 4/15/08, I moved my office from one city in California to a location in another city. To accommodate the move I made the following calls to AT&T.

4/18/08 01:01pm duration of call 00:10:28 number called 800-750-2355

7/03/08 12:58pm duration of call 00:10:22 number called 800-919-8021

7/09/08 05:13pm duration of call 00:47:30 number called 800-288-2020

7/09/08 06:01pm duration of call 00:12:23 number called 800-288-2020

7/10/08 09:43am duration of call 00:14:48 number called 800-750-2355

7/10/08 03:57pm duration of call 00:27:04 number called 800-750-2355

7/11/08 03:40pm duration of call 01:00:49 number called 800-750-2355

7/14/08 02:59pm duration of call 00:18:53 number called 800-750-2355

7/24/08 10:13pm duration of call 00:00:08 number called 800-750-2355

7/31/08 08:33am duration of call 00:15:02 number called 877-722-2375

8/01/08 05:38pm duration of call 00:02:41 number called 800-288-2020

8/06/08 02:33pm duration of call 00:23:33 number called 800-288-2020

8/13/08 01:14pm duration of call 00:57:32 number called 800-288-2020

9/02/08 04:47pm duration of call 00:26:08 number called 800-750-2355

The duration of calls made to AT&T were for a total of 5 hours 27 minutes and 21 seconds not counting any calls to AT&T made from my cell phone or home phone.

On 4/18/08, I requested that my business number go to another carrier. The transfer did not take place until 5/03/08. On 7/03, I requested static IP address at my new address to accommodate my server to move from my old address DSL line to my new address on a DSL line. By 07/11/08 (after 3 hours 3 minutes and 24 seconds on the phone) with AT&T, I realized that they were not going to provide me with a static IP address. I told them I was going to seek the services of an alternative company. On 7/14/08, I acquired the services of another company and informed AT&T. On 7/16/08, my server was in place with my new static IP address provided by an alternate company. On 7/24/08 I called AT&T to confirm that I was not on there service and I would never be on there service again. During this period ??customer service?? informed me on at least five occasions that only a supervisor could resolve my issues and none were available to speak to me but would call me within two days. No supervisor ever called and has not called to date. I, to the best of my ability, informed the customer service personnel that were willing to talk to me that my telephone service is from an alternative company and not from AT&T. To date AT&T is still harassing me with the claim that I have service with them.

I have contacted the California Public Utilities commission, KCRA - Call3, and posted my concerns on the following internet blogs to attempt to resolve the issue:,

To date the issue is still unresolved.

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a4afa876, 2009-09-15, 11:51AM CDT

I have a bad experiences with at@t with my home phone repair services and customer's service as well.

very long wait to talk to anybody and then the repair will refer me to customer service and just to be be referred back to the repair. nobody reliable to talk too. the worst problem: it's the only company to offer home line. we are screwed.we let it grow toooooooo big!!!!!

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