post office - nasty postal workers

Posted on Wednesday, September 24th, 2008 at 1:59pm CDT by 3850adaf

Company: post office

Location: south street
peekskill, ne, 10566, US

Category: Other

if anyone lives in peekskill ny if you didnt know that the post office on south street is one of the worst post offices in ny!!!!! i have to go there 3 times a month and every time i am standing in line for at least 45 mins.....this isnt a lie one person at the window when you ask them to get some one else they give you an attitude and are nasty.........well i am sick of it the next time i get a nasty person i am going to slap the sh** out of someone....45 mins for a money order is crazy!!!! and it seems like no one cares

and some post office delivery guys like to look at peoples mail and open it.... so i guess its ok to tamper with the mail if your a mail man///and some of the delivery guys look like thugs half uniforms strutting like gangstas,,,,,,so avoid peekskill post office go to another one


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