Toshiba Corporation - Worst attitude of TOSHIBA

Posted on Wednesday, September 24th, 2008 at 7:01am CDT by 0f3f5ce7

Product: Portege M600 Notebook

Company: Toshiba Corporation

Location: IN

Category: Other

I purchased Toshiba-Portege M600 note book (Serial no. 97049000W) under 3 year global extended warranty from HCL Infosystems Ltd., Hyderabad on 3rd June 2008.

On 3rd Sep 08, while doing my usual work on notebook, suddenly inner layer of LCD screen broken. There was no damage to outer layer of LCD screen.

I registered complaint no. 1#997191975 on 4th Sep 08 with Toshiba customer care. As suggested to me, I sent my notebook to service centre of HCL at Jaipur (I reside in Jodhpur). The service centre effortlessly blamed 'mishandling' as cause of damage and demanded Rs. 26000/- towards cost of replacing LCD screen.

I taken up the matter with Toshiba and HCL via e-mail/fax and asked for investigation to find out the cause of damage. Practically, there was no mishandling to note book and there is no sign of physical damage to LCD screen as well as to body of note book. I wanted from TOSHIBA to find out the cause by technical investigation and assured to pay gracefully if any mishandling proved.

But HCL concluded the matter with saying " We cannot replace FOC as TIPL will not approve" and Toshiba concluded saying mishandling of notebook as cause of damage without any technical investigation of note book.

As per their communications, I understand that LCD replacement is subject to approval of Toshiba, not subject to the cause of damage. TOSHIBA is not willing for technical investigation and effortlessly blame mishandling as cause of damage.

What I request is for technical investigation of notebook as there are so many other reasons responsible to break LCD screen while you work. If mishandling is proved, I will bear the cost gracefully.

Attitude of Toshiba is worst towards resolving the defect.


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