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Product: FORD


Location: QA

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Hello sir

Im a ford customer and I want to right my complaints to find way to fix all dealer faults and make them to wake up from lethargy .

1- showroom sales, they dont know any information about vehicles technical information, I mean if I ask the ford mustang how many CC have, he must to find it from catalog .

2- service, they always cheat as to make the problems bigger, they dont find solution exactly, examples happen to me :

- ( I toke my cat to ford dealer service when I have problem with electrical, they told me that I have to replace the battery, charger unit, some wires, some regulators, I toke my car from them and they let me pay 300QR for checking label charge , I went to small workshop and he open the hood and open the fuse box, he show me a small Relay and he told me go to the dealer and buy it and you can install it in home, I do all that and the car work great . )

- ( before 2 weeks I took my family mercury to the dealer service cause its have problem when its shift from 1st to 2nd, the dealer told that I have to change complete transmission and it will cost me 8500 USD, I take it out and back to home and I found ads in newspaper for transmission workshop and I drive to them, they told me that I have come next day, when I come they charge me 700 USD for complete transmission overhaul !!! )

3- spear parts, there is only 3 worker is serve the ford and Lincoln costumer, if you went there you will find a lot of costumers are waiting for a long long time !! the worker there dont speak Arabic and they dont want to speak even it they know, they are impolite with customer and before 2 months I battery one of them cause he shooting to me .

4- how can be locate Puget and FORD service and spear parts in same place ? !!!!

So pleas send investigating committee, to find all our problems and make Solutions and make us happy when we buy a ford, 90% of Qataris dont like ford cause the service and ill-treatment, to see every thing and you going to believe all that, and compeer it with other similar dealer like GMC and Chevrolet .

This Email sent to : ford global + ford ME + ford Qatar + + .

Thanks a lot



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