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Location: 425 dunlop street West
Barrie, On, CA

URL: http://www.gdcoatessuzuki.ca/

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Two weeks ago we purchased a 2004 Dodge Caravan from this company. This was our second used car with them, which is why we returned to them. When we took the car out for a test drive, there was a lot of noise coming from the brakes. The sales guy heard it too and said that he would get it adjusted before we picked it up. Once back at the dealership, his story changed and said the noise was just where they had washed it and sprayed tire shine on the wheels!!!!! They assured us that they would check it out anyway.

We picked up the car and everything was fine for about 2 days...then the noise got worse. To cut to the chase, the car has been back to the workshop 3 times. I took it back today and was told that they were not going to do anymore to it, was cursed at by the sales manager and basically called a liar. He also told me "he was ready" when I mentioned we were going to take it further.

We are taking it to an independent garage next week for a safety check and will then be contacing OMVIC.....

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91f4a21c, 2010-06-02, 06:59PM CDT

I feel for you. GD COATES and CENTENNIAL both owned by the same people are great at the lies and never back up their promises. I bought a Durango with noise in right front, they didnt fix after 3 times I took it in. they promise the world and wnat to have a good laugh; watch wht low ball scam they pull when time comes to trade up; you will get shit for your vehicle...

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