AVIS - Avis Fraudulently overcharged my credit car

Posted on Wednesday, September 24th, 2008 at 8:28pm CDT by 73eac689

Product: Rent a car

Company: AVIS

Location: 906 Broadway West
Vancouver, BC, V5Z 1K7, CA

URL: http://www.avis.com/

Category: Other

We rented a car from Avis from 3/29/2008 to 4/14/08. The agreeable rental total was $531.00.

Unfortunately, when we received the credit statement, we were billed for $696.55. We were very frustrated and immediately went through the a seris of events of contacting the local place, the fleet/district manager and the Corporate Office.

The AVIS TEAM took side of one another and quickly turned our case now. They said that the extra charges were for clearning but when we returned the car, we were told that everything ws OK.

The recent rental experience with Avis was very terrible and unacceptable. When we brought the car, we returned it to the branch manager's husband. Upon inspecting the car, he informed us that everything was fine and we were free to go. We asked him twice to give me some form of paper indicating the car was OK. Twice, he said it was OK and we could leave. We both left after the second verbal OK. This means this is the termination of our contract between us and Avis. At that point, we are no longer held responsible or liable with the car.

If there were issues, we should have been informed back then. A claim should have been filed at the moment when we returned the car. We brought the car back four hours before it was due and we even cleaned it beforehand. If the condition was not acceptable, we could have done something to work it out. The extra cleaning fee charged on the credit card is excessive. A car cleaning usually costs from $15.00 - $50.00 at the max. The price charged appears to be synonymous to a detailing fee.

Teresa (the manager) and her husband do not run the rental car agency in a professional manner. They are very dishonest, unethical and irresponsible in this matter. Teresa was out of the country when we returned the car so she had no idea of the car??s condition. When a car is discharged, this should be the end of the rental. Adding extra fees after the car is signed off leads to bogus charges which I have no way of verifying. The car is no longer in my possession. There is no way for me to dispute the claim. False claims can be fabricated.


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