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Posted on Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008 at 12:44pm CDT by 09def828

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About 3 yrs ago, when I held AAA membership, one of my car battery went dead, so I asked AAA to replace it (with 3 yrs free replacement, and 5 yrs gurantee).

Now, just about 2 months after the replacement, the battery went dead again, and I don't have the membership. I called AAA's number for battery service, below is the process:

1. First, a lady picked my phone, and asked my questions. After learning that I was not a member, she let me hold on to wair for her checking my information. I waited, waited, waited. Ok, another woman came in, and asked my questions AGAIN, but it seemed that she had problem to follow what I said, so, she spoke loudly and loudly (with a little bit of joy), to let me repeat what I said again and again, "Sorry, I cann't hear you, are you speaking English?", "Sorry, what do you mean?", "Sorry, I really cann't understand you, I have to hang up",......

So, before she HANG UP, I HANG UP.

2. Then after a while, I called again. This time, another young lady talked with me and she really UNDERSTOOD me and quickly agreed to give me a free battery with a service charge of $65(about). But I didn't want to give AAA the money without comaprison now, so I thanked her, hang up, and do the online shopping.

3. After searching, I found that a battery alone costed >$70, so I called AAA again. This time, the lady cann't find any information about me now, NOTHING left.

OK, that's fine, I am not in a hurry to use my car. So, I did a local search shopping and find a good deal in COSTCO and buy a battery(<$70), and replaced the dead AAA one. My car can be started and run now.

When I talked with my colleague about the battery, his first response was I was given a rebuilt or used one.

Whatever, with GPS, google map, other similar membership for travel service, lots of competitors appearing, one thing to my relieve is that I don't need to buy AAA forever.

About 2 yrs ago, I got a very bad service in CompUSA (one item missed from my box), now where is the company?


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8f2c2ff5, 2009-06-17, 03:49PM CDT

I agree !00%. I asked them to merely make a 3 night hotel reservation in London - the agent was clueless! I cancelled it the next day. My next AEx statement had a penality charge on the bill. I've had to protest through AAA because even the supervisor couldn't do anything about it!!! I went to the office on Beltline in Dallas because the Plano ohffice didn't return my calls. This company is worthless.

be5c2002, 2011-05-29, 03:17PM CDT

Yep, I see I'm not the only one who regrets buying a AAA battery 'service' with FREE 3 year replacement. Don't waste your money. Nothing is free. AAA won't replace your battery for free because none of their providers will respond to the call. Then you're stuck. You might as well save your money and buy your battery from Sears or Napa.

56aaaa70, 2012-01-18, 12:10AM CST

AAA has been my insurance provider for two vehicles and our primary residence going on three years. Prior to switching to AAA, I was insured by Nationwide and had claims settled satisfactorily through real catastrophes including northeast ice storms, and hurricanes Rita and Ike over the years.

Last week in Houston we experienced heavy flash flooding which caused some minor water damage to one of our AAA insured vehicles. We took the vehicle into our dealership last Wednesday for what was to be a two hour service to the engine but was put on hold pending AAA inspection. What we experienced with the auto claim with AAA since that day has been nothing short of unbelievable.

AAA deemed the flash flooding a catastrophe and assigned all claims to a catastrophe team. From that moment on, I could no longer call the AAA main number I had on record because all claims were being handled by that team. The catastrophe team was either a third party or actual AAA staff, but that varied on who at AAA we talked to. Regardless of their affiliation, no matter when we called that "new" number, we either received a voice recording or was put on hold until we ended up hanging up. When we did finally get connected to someone later in the week, they had no idea what the status of our claim and had no system availability to tell us anything.

By close of business Friday, January 13th, the dealership reported to me that the AAA inspector had indeed come to look at our vehicle but had left without authorizing the repair. So I called the catastrophe number once again at 5:15pm Friday and received a recording stating they were closed outside of "normal" operating hours!

Then we waited, WAITED, AND WAITED without a work truck I desperately rely on. It turns out that the "catastrophe" team decided to take off not only the weekend but also Monday to observe the holiday. WOW!!! In the core turnaround time for all your customers impacted in the greater Houston area, you conveniently decided that the "catastrophe" didn't warrant staffing or response through a three day period? God forbid the next "catastrophe" doesn't strike right before a long holiday weekend or your customers will just have to wait even longer.

So I waited until Tuesday of this week (today) to go ahead and authorize the two hour repair and subsequently pay for it out of my pocket. Never did hear from AAA.

Our relationship is 99% me paying you on time every month for both auto and home insurance. The 1% time I need my insurance to come through for is during times of need. You miserably failed as an insurance company to act even remotely prepared or responsive in the time of need. I have already lined up alternative quotes and will never pay AAA another dime for auto insurance. By mid-year I plan to find an alternative for my home insurance as well. Of course at that point your bread-and-butter membership and roadside assistance will no longer be needed.

Maybe you have strayed too far from your core business of Auto Clubs when venturing into the insurance business? Not sure but to be so complacent and non-responsive to claims seems to indicate so.

I sent this note to the CEO in hopes he has some insight when he's reviewing quarterly insurance income results later this year and asks his executive team why AAA is losing customers in Texas. I'm sure I'm one of MANY customers that had the same experience with AAA during this event.

c67b3ab2, 2012-01-22, 02:52PM CST

My husband and I have hhad the AAA roadside assist for 20+ years - and RARELY used it...TODAY, we called to get a winch out and were toold "we had the wrong policy"!!

f3c4fdfc, 2012-01-25, 03:38PM CST

I will never buy another AAA battery! My car would not start with a year-old AAA battery. Their driver blamed it on my alternator and said their battery was fine. My garage retested the battery and it again tested faulty. I replaced it with a new battery and in 2 months have not had any further problems!. When I filled out their satisfaction survey (very negatively!), I did receive a followup call, but when I explained I had been forced to replace the battery in order to have an operable car. all the rep would say was that I had invalidated the warranty. So much for service, and I have been a member for 49 years since I was 17!

Faith B., 2012-12-13, 11:58AM CST


981aace5, 2013-01-22, 08:44PM CST

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