Sirius Radio - Sirius Radio has no customer service

Posted on Monday, September 22nd, 2008 at 9:41am CDT by 398dd78c

Product: Sirius Radio

Company: Sirius Radio

Location: US

Category: Other

Never ever buy Sirius Radio's life time membership. Once bought you don't exist. I payed $594 and have never received any service from them. For some reason my password will not access their internet radio - and they don't care - because they have my money. I have spoken several times to their customer no service and it's always "we will get back with you" but they never do. The unit is in a motorhome so it is only available when traveling and right now we are stuck at home. We were looking forward to using the internet radio but they won't turn it on for us. Never ever pay up front. They really don't care.

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4623d6dc, 2009-06-15, 09:22AM CDT

I have had a horrible experience with serius radio. they have 138.00 of my money, i have no service. they promised to have a manager call me (Jodi) she never did. they would keep me on hold when i asked for a supervisor up to an hour and i spent a total of five hours on the phone with the. they made promises to get my credit card number, toldm me they where going to transfer the credit on my old car to my new one and transfer the credited amount and would only charge me 32.00. I received my bank statement and they charged me the full amount.

I am disgusted and no longer have serius. of course they never communicated with me as promised and i still have no serius radio.

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