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Posted on Monday, September 22nd, 2008 at 8:50pm CDT by d2f1e9a7

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Location: 11171 Mill Valley Rd.,
Omaha, NE, 68154, US


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I had purchased a small pendant through Proxibids auction from a company called Bunach Auctioneering that was advertised as being 14k gold. When I received the pendant, I was very dismayed to find that it was cheap gold colored plastic, not even gold plated.

Thinking that Proxibid would stand behind what they advertised, I called them and spoke to a Tom Clark. He basically said too bad, you bought it, you are stuck with it. I could not believe they would not stand behind what they advertised. Numerous emails went back and forth between Proxibid and myself and I even wrote a letter to the President of Proxibid and never heard back from him.

I contacted my bank and they said to send the pendant back, certified mail and they would reverse the charges off my credit card. I did this and charges were reversed.

I thought all was over, boy was I wrong. I started getting emails from Tom Clark stating that if I did not pay for the pendant plus penalties they were going to file with a collection agency.

Here is an email from Tom Clark:

I strongly recommend that you make payment arrangements for the full amount plus penalties ASAP. Delaying payment can impact your credit histories for years moving forward.


Tom Clark

I sent emails and letters back and eventually called Tom Clark. He was very sarcastic and rude and laughed and me and said they would ruin my credit if I did not pay for the pendant along with the penalties. I told him I was not going to pay for a cheap piece of plastic that was falsely advertised as being 24 kt gold, and besides, I had already returned it.

Eventually, I started getting letters from collection agencies stating that Proxibid was the creditor and I owed them the money. I ended up filing complaints against Proxibid with Nebraskas Attorney General and also the Better Business Bureau of Nebraska. If you go on the BBBs web-site for Omaha, you will see they have numerous complaints filed against them.

I would strongly advise anyone from purchasing anything through Proxibid. Unlike Ebay, you cannot see the ratings of their sellers. Their sellers pay Proxibid to advertise their items on I found out later that the sellers can rate you, the buyer, and other sellers can blackball you if they dont like your rating. But you, the buyer, cannot grade the sellers; how unfair.

My advice is to stay with Ebay where buyers can rate the sellers. Hopefully no one else has to go through what I went through. What a nightmare over a little plastic pendant.


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bcf51f0a, 2008-10-07, 06:31PM CDT

proxibid is 100% crooked. they do not protect their bidders. when told of not receiving an item i paid for through one of their houses, i was essentially told tough s**t. they will rip you off

0112a845, 2008-10-26, 10:44AM CDT

Proxibid has been a member of the BBB since Jan, 2002. We have an exemplary record. There have been 5 complaints in six years and 2 (of the 5) were from this person. The BBB strongly agreed with Proxibid stating that we did everything that was possible to resolve this bidders issue.

Additionally, this person did file a claim with the attorney general as stated. The attorney general dropped the complaint as Proxibid was able to provide evidence contrary to the filers claim. The attorney General sided with Proxibid on how this was resolved.

For more information, here is our BBB link with the complaints:

Sales Practice Issues

Administratively Closed

1 - BBB determined that despite the company's reasonable effort to address complaint issues, the consumer remained dissatisfied

Refund or Exchange Issues

Administratively Closed

1 - BBB determined the company made a reasonable offer to resolve the issues, but the consumer did not accept the offer.

e6af12a3, 2008-12-10, 03:40PM CST

I have has a simular problem with proxi bid.There is no way to rate the seller and if you make waves you are black balled take care

411d14f5, 2009-01-28, 11:20AM CST

I was charged $32.00 for shipment of a $40.00 item i bought. They told me it would be $2.00 per box (there was one box. Plus another 6 dollar hanndeling fee all for a bunch of junk - non working cameras........absolute junk.


d2f1e9a7, 2009-01-29, 08:38PM CST

Proxibid is again not telling the truth when they said the Nebraska Attorney General's Office dropped the complaint I had filed on them. They did not drop the complaint; it was accepted and filed but they do not take any action unless many complaints are filed against a company. I just checked the BBB's website and Proxibd has five recent complaints filed against them.

d2a9550d, 2009-12-17, 09:20PM CST

I was just ripped off by a compnay called Auction Depot Inc doing business thru Proxibid. They have no rating system or reviews of the sellers for the buyers to know who might be a rip off company. I got scammed by Auction Depot in Ft Worth Texas.. Beware!! Then the owner threatened me with court if I posted any negative reviews about his scams online. Too Bad! Threatening women is just one of this creeps talents! Oh and they rip you off on shipping charges too. They sold me a broken item that they missrepresented on the Proxibid site.

When I called proxibid they just shrugged it off. They make all their money by charging the auction houses so the buyers have no recourse.

4d247085, 2010-10-08, 04:45PM CDT

I, too, have had bad experiences through Proxibid's auctions. Echoes of Glory completely misrepresented several items I bought and I am out several hundred dollars. I keep a list of auction companies to avoid...ones that don't tell flaws or just totally misrepresent the auction items. I think Proxibid does not want to lose auction companies so they just ignore complaints.

f46e86aa, 2010-12-20, 10:10PM CST

hi after purchasing hundreds of thousands of dollars of half ass cars the vehichles described as working beacame loads of replaced engines, radiatiors trans and high maintnance things.. online bidding may never do again but with a beter description like vehichle smokes afeter running for ten minutes would solve may issues.. until then small claims thanks for taxing me over and over ,,, owner to owner transactions peace curt aka litle cheese

2612a661, 2012-03-27, 04:28PM CDT

All I can say is that some people don't read the descriptions or look at the multiple photos before buying. And some people are not satisfied no matter what one does. I personally like Proxibid and bid weekly - recommend it highly!

US M., 2012-08-08, 11:32AM CDT

I purchased autographs from Kaptain Kirk's auction...they were fakes. I had PSA and others look at them. I asked for my money back and he wouldn't hear of it. He said he stands behind them as real...what an a$$. These items would have been worth 50,000 + if authentic. I was surprised when my bid of 1290.00 flag. So, I contact Proxibid, they make me jump through hoops to get all this documentation...and their reply, " Kaptain Kirk refuses to remimburse, says..."buyers remorse", damn right, you just ripped me off! So I call Proxibid and tell them I want this escalated up the chain, "I'm not satisified with their efforts", reply...surprise! Also the auction house keeps threatening me with a law suit for slander. Since when is the truth slander. STAY AWAY FROM PROXIBID AND KATAIN KIRK'S AUCTION, ALSO, BBB...they basically sided with him too because he pays them a fee, as he does Proxibid to be on their site. Gotta love this countries system of protecting the consumer. Bottom line I will get my money back. We should all band together and start a class action law suit against these companies. Also have contacted the State Attorney General of ILL.

a0368b4e, 2012-08-21, 02:02PM CDT

People need to understand that an auction is just that "an auction". It is not a retail store, or any sort of other online business, and is certainly far from Ebay. Auctioneers have been selling items "as is, where is" for hundreds of years. That is the nature of auctions. People are always looking for a way to make a fast buck, and they think that they can outsmart their fellow bidders in live, online auctions, and then turn the items over quickly for a huge profit. There are no free lunches in the auction business, just like there are not anywhere else. If you are going to participate in live auctions, you need to know what you are bidding on BEFORE the auction starts, not after you have won the bid, and then start asking questions.......

US M., 2012-08-21, 02:29PM CDT

Again...the same old BS. There is nothing wrong with turning a "quick buck". Stop and think of what you just said. You're doing the same exact thing...or you wouldn't be doing it. Just because you have a license to sell, doesn't mean you can corner the market. This is called the free enterprise...ever hear of it? I didn't buy an item, like a piece of furniture, that one would expect to be sold "as is". I bought autographs that were stated as "signed by", not signed by another. What in the world don't you understand?? I guess all the others here with similar problems like this, are just plain stupid and we should just all crawl up in a hole and let people that screw people for a "quick buck" get away with it. Oh... that's right I forgot, you have a license to sell, so it must be legit.

a0368b4e, 2012-08-21, 02:48PM CDT

Interesting that this person seems to feel that he right, and everyone else is wrong. Heck, even feels that the buyer is in the wrong on this one. The items were authenticated by a VERY reputable authenticator, Authentic Autographs Unlimited, famous for his television appearances on the hit television show Pawn Stars, and they stand behind all of their authentications 100%, and are even willing to testify in court as to their authentications, and have done so on hundreds of occasions, with all sorts of local, state, and federal courts. Furthermore, all authenticators, including, JSA, which he refers to has situations in which they are questioned. The authentication business is a scary, tough business, and is not for the faint at heart, or those thinking that they are going to get rich quick by buying and selling autographs based upon who does the authenticating. It just doesn't work that way.

Bottom line is that the reason that the various people, Companies, Agencies, etc. have sided with the auction house, is that the auction house presented the items in good faith, sold them in good faith, and the buyer got exactly what he bid on. Nothing more, nothing less! End of story.

6ac861d2, 2013-09-29, 08:34AM CDT

I also purchased items from Kaptian Kirk's Auction which turned out to be fake. They do have a disclaimer which states that it is the bidders responsibility to investigate and check items before bidding.

Kaptain Kirk's also states they perform appraisals then they should know that the items being consigned and sold online are fakes but they continue to list the fake items on their auctions.

There are numerous complaints about the fake items they are selling. You would think a business owner would want to keep a good reputation as a seller and start using that appraisal expertise to at least verify that the items being offered for auction are authentic or fake.

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