Nuvell Financial - Nuvell FInancial- Harassing Phone calls

Posted on Monday, September 22nd, 2008 at 5:09pm CDT by 23d4bafc

Company: Nuvell Financial

Location: Little Rock, AR, US


Category: Other

I purchased a vehicle from them in 2004. My payments are $466.60 for a mini van that originally cost $18,000. I have been paying on the vehicle for 4 years, and will continue paying until 2011. I have been unemployed for one year, and have done my best to keep up with the payments. But they say that they DO NOT have a "grace period". So if you're ONE DAY lete, they start calling YOU, AND EVERYONE THAT YOU KNOW!

My boyfriend's STEP-FATHER got a phone call, and so did my Aunt who lives 1300 miles away from me, whom I haven't spoken to in 3 years.

They told me that this was perfectly legal, and they wouldn't stop doing it because their tactic "worked" because I called them to complain.

I told them that I could pay my one payment that I'm behind, PLUS the current month's payment on 10/3 (11 days from today), and they said NO! They told me that I had until Friday.

In this economy, you'd think that they would understand, and be willing to work with people. I told them that I got a full time job, and once I started getting paid on the 3rd, I would be current every month. But that wasn't good enough for them.

They call 15 times per day! They threaten to repossess the vehicle and they harrass you. At this point, I honestly wish they would just repossess the van and end my personal HELL with them!


42f3baa2, 2008-12-12, 09:22AM CST

I have had the same issues with them including them calling from a bogus number, but you can stop them by submitting written notice to stop all 3rd party contacts and file a complaint onlinw with the FCE and BBB.When I di this they stopped.I think the more consumers issue complaints something will be done. Good Luck!

030286b5, 2008-12-23, 10:12AM CST

It is odd to say that I am going through the exact same situation. I live in Ohio,single mother of two and also purchased a car in 2004, in which the amount is $20,000 and I have also been paying on a vehicle for 4 years. I have been harrassed constantly,my neighbors dont even speak, because of the harrasing calls that were skiptraced to them. IT IS CRAZY! This month rather than paying my mortgage which is also behind, I paid my car note, so that I could be current. I paid it however, two days later one day after the current month payment was due that started calling again, at least 15 times in one day. I was overcharged and taken advantage of with high interest. The car at this point should have been well paid off. I'm merely being harrased for interest. Food,Shelter,survival in the 2008-09 economy=making the best way we can. Nuvell's administration should be ashamed, they are getting a bailout, the poor consumers not!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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