Maybank - Maybank Lost My Cheque

Posted on Monday, September 22nd, 2008 at 10:30am CDT by d82cdcd5

Product: Fast Cheque Deposit

Company: Maybank

Location: 1st Floor, Menara Maybank, 100, Jalan Tun Perak, 50050 Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur, 50050, MY


Category: Other

I've deposited a foreign cheque in pounds through the fast cheque machine in Maybank on the 28th of July 2008. I was then told that it requires three weeks to a month for a foreign cheque to be cleared.

I duly waited up till a month. At the end of the 1 month period, the cheque was not cleared.

On the 25th of August, I contacted Maybank TTDI Jaya to enquire about it. The staff there Madam Leong asked for a copy of my receipt. After I've faxed a copy of my receipt, she told me that the information given was insufficient to track the status of my cheque! Seriously is it a norm for people to photocopy their cheque before depositing them? I doubt so.

In fear that the Bank will lose my cheque, I made a photocopy of my cheque. Thank god I did make a photocopy, or else my cheque will be lost forever? So on the next day, 26th August I faxed over the photocopied cheque to Madam Leong. For that whole week, all that I was told was that 'Maybank is still trying to locate my cheque and that they have contacted the company in charged of collecting cheques from Banks.' I was then told that 'the company has yet to deliver the cheque to them!' The statement was nonsensical to me. Frustrated by the answer given, I made a call up to the Maybank Head Office - the complaint department on the 29th of August.

There I spoke to an officer called Miss Hanizah. I explained my situation and voiced my dissatisfaction to her. She acknowledged my condition and said she would investigate and get back to me after her Merdeka leave, which is on the 3rd of October.

On 3rd of September, I rang her up and demanded for an explanation. She then provided the same answer as Madam Leong. It was quite disappointing to know that an officer sitting in the Head Office would give me such answer. Worse still, she said 'the whole parcel containing cheques has yet to be sent to Maybank.' It's shameful to know that Maybank refused to shoulder the responsibilities and pushed the blame to others. If a bag containing cheques has been misplaced, wouldn't it create a big 'hoo ha' already? I would not be the only customer who will be complaining.

She then said, 'Oh your cheque is bounced due to ambiguity to the name.'

'What do you mean?' She then replied, 'The name on the cheque and the name on the bank account are inconsistent.' It was such an unprofessional answer, I have a very simple Chinese name, and there is no way that there is an inconsistency as to my name.

I was so mad and requested to speak to someone who is of higher authority than her. As usual, the lady said that she will get the full details from Miss Hanizah and would get back to me shortly.

Later, on the same day, a guy called Mr. Hamid called, which he then admitted that Maybank has somehow misplaced my cheque during the clearing process. They should have just told me the truth from beginning! They were merely wasting my time and attention. When asked why Maybank kept feeding me with stupid and nonsensical answer, he said that their employees were merely trying to cool me down. Does it warrant the right to them to treat me like a one year old kid and give me stupid answers?

I demanded for the actual story. He said during the process of clearing, my cheque was bounced because it was a foreign cheque (CIMB London). Isn't it their duty to clear a foreign cheque? If not why do they charge such a high clearing fees?

Maybank has clearly breached their duty in supplying a prompt service to their customers in clearing cheques. Who is going to compensate me for the losses that I have suffered? Am I not entitled to some compensation? Pounds have dropped since then. Do I still need to pay them for their inadequate services? Furthermore, Maybank's customer service needs to be improved and there should at least be some form of professionalism when dealing with customers. Customers do not have the mentality of 1 year old kid.

They failed to clear my cheque within a month as promised. Up till now, 22nd of September, I have yet to receive my money.

I'm just a fresh graduate, so there is no way that I can afford legal fees to sue Maybank but that doesn't mean that I should be deprived of my right as a Bank Customer.


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