Joy Mangano - Ingenious Designs is a Disaster!

Posted on Monday, September 22nd, 2008 at 12:49pm CDT by 08e0dcc7

Product: My Little Steamer

Company: Joy Mangano

Location: 80Rodeo Drive
Edgewood, NJ, 11717, US

Category: Other

I purchased a Joy Mangano My Little Steamer/Huggable Hanger combination in February 2008. It did not work properly so referred me to Ingenious Designs for a replacement because it was passed the 30 day return period for HSN. Getting the Ingenious Desings customer service department on the phone was a hassle, but when I finally got through they promised me a shipping label and an exhange for a new steamer that would arrive in two weeks after receiving the defective one. The label came a few weeks later and the steamer was sent back on June 24.I called back on July 9 to ask where my steamer was and they said they would send it out right away. By July 25 still no steamer so I called again. They said they had no steamers in stock and it would be a long time until they had them so they offered a refund. When I told them the steamer was part of a combo purchase with hangers they said they couldn't refund my money but they had suddenly located a steamer and would send it right away. By August 21, still no steamer and I called again to be told that the previous two steamers were mistakenly sent to Colorado and they had no more steamers in stock and again it would be a while before they had any. They again offered a refund but when realized it was part of a combo purchase they couldn't refund my money. So again, they amazingly found another steamer and said it would be sent right out. Lo and behold in two weeks a new steamer arrived. I used it a total of 5 times and you guess it, it doesn't work properly. It keeps shutting itself off during use like the first one, sometimes shutting itself off during the heating up period! So, I called back today September 22 but had to hold so long I gave up and will try calling again tomorrow. Rest assured I will NEVER order anything that Ingenious Designs has anything to do with. I'm still hoping for a working steamer but I just might have to chalk up this experience and be grateful it wasn't a more expensive purchase. I will update as the saga continues.


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19c1d7f9, 2010-03-10, 09:46AM CST

Yeah I am having the same problem but with these WONDERFUL HUGGABLE HANGERs.....NOT!!!! They break so easy it's not even funny. I would love to speak to Ms. Mangano herself but she probably already knows right????

df9a92d4, 2011-06-07, 02:11PM CDT

I fully agree!!!

I'm coping with costumer service (if you can call it one) since over two month, with somebody apologizing and promising to take care of my complaint (which still are 2 missing parts) and nothing happened so far, same story like the complainer above: was also waiting over 20 minutes on hold for somebody to check something on the computer (a dial-up connection that crashed?????!!!!!)

I am angry, I mean really angry if I get treated like that... So, I will also let HSN know that no way, I will ever again consider ordering something and taking the risk to have to deal with Ingenious Designs.. there are a lot of other venues and I don't give second chances...

And responding within 48 hours is a joke!!!! I had somebody promise me to give me more information after consulting her supervisor on a Monday, but of course she didn't.... I do hope you Ingenious Designs does not disagree with my statement, I'd be very offended like they tell me I was telling lies... Hope they don't dare!! I'm also angry about the way they treated other costumers, and I hope nobody is relying on that lifetime warranty - maybe if they're fast for once and hold their promises people might be lucky enough to get it on their deathbed .... Meanwhile I know that there is a Ingenious Designs Company in existence, but a costumer service for sure NOT. I think it is not too much to ask for them to stay with the facts, not with empty promises. Just google Ingenious Designs and you'll find blogs about that company even something about a law suit.....

9ed218c9, 2011-12-15, 01:37PM CST

I agree 100%. I've been trying since May to exchange a Todd English green frying pan.Had to get consumer affairs involved.They exchanged it for the 12 inch pan.I already have that as it came as a set.Just want the smaller fry pan like I sent them.Returned their call twice, and heard from no one.HSN doesn't want to hear anything.Just keep saying their sorry.How very sad people have to go thru this.Joy Mangano and Todd English should get more involved with things like this.They don't care, they already got their profit,who cares after that how the product really stands up.I would like to know what props they use and camera tricks to suck innocent people in!

khaled k., 2013-08-19, 12:37PM CDT

I purchased green pans,with lifetime warrantyI've been having a problem with them sticking I can't even clean it I complained to customer serviceI was told to send pictures of the items are damaged on I did that 4 times I know I even emailed the pictures on this is been going on for a month and a half or two months actually and everytime I close and exit send us victorious we have not received that is you how bad Green pan is and how bad customer service is and how bad management is.I've been like two over on overI'm still waiting for a replacement of my damaged items what's supposed to be coveredunder a lifetime warranty

c1a716e7, 2013-11-19, 04:12PM CST

Sent back Joy Mangano's Reader's that were poorly manufactured. I didn't know eye glasses were suppose to touch your eye lashes............hers did. So since June 2013 I've been waiting for them to replace the eye glasses. Now it's November 2013 and I've returned them and received nothing yet. Same thing with Todd English 8" pan. The pan sticks since day 1 and now that I've returned it; same thing, haven't received a refund or a replacement yet. Both were returned and haven't heard anything, until I called them today. Their computers are down and they'll have to call back. I'll never buy from either one of them again! Never.

Julia H., 2014-02-12, 09:25AM CST

(FEBRUARY 12, 2014)-I truly cannot stand it when I've spent my money on a product that was guaranteed and I receive it and find out its a piece of junk! Was watching HSN , March 17, 2013 and JOY MANGANO was selling her Safari Chic Luggage Set and the JOY MANGANO , My Little Steamer Go Mini. I after this presentation and guarantee of a 10yr warranty, I ordered. I had been looking for a luggage set of my own for a while and was excited. I paid $140.65 for a 10 pc.Green Leopard set and $23.09 for the steamer. Well as I was packing to finally go on my trip January, 2014, the piece of luggage broke. The zipper came a loose in the upper left hand corner. Just opened right up.! Well all I could do was revert back to an old stand by. So when I returned I called HSN on January 10, 2014 and was told they would send me a copy of my proof of purchase and to call 'INGENIOUS DESIGNS' 1-800-248-3002. Well they sent me a proof of purchase but for the wrong product, by email. And when I called Ingenious Designs I was told to call back on Monday. So I called HSN on January 11,2014 and was told again by Heather, that she would send me another proof of purchase and that they defiantly can't do ANYTHING to help me. ( so disappointed )

I called Ingenious Design on Monday and was placed on hold 20 mins. I hung up called back about 2hrs. Later and was on hold again 20 min. I couldn't believe it!... So I called back and chose the option to leave a message and was told by the automated machine, someone would call me back in 2 DAYS!! YES 2 days, I was done. Needless to say I gave them a week. And still nothing.... I called HSN" and they would not help me. I wrote to this Ingenious Design and placed several more calls and have heard nothing.

Finally on January 22, 2014 I filed a complaint with the BBB in New York and have not heard a thing. Why is HSN allowing Joy Mangano to push these useless products on their station and won't even give the customer a way to resolve any issues they may have. Don't just pawn us off on some fraudulent company that just takes your money. And say too bad so sad. I used to enjoy shopping on HSN but no more, and if I even see this JOY MANGANO I'm running the other way. This is a big deal to me because I can't use the other pieces without the large one. They all have to connect and that was the selling point. Well it is now Wednesday FEBRUARY 12, 2014. And you got it, I have heard nothing. And from the looks of things I should chalk this up to a loss. Thanks for nothing HSN.COM 1-800-933-2887- INGENIOUS DESIGN 1-800-243-3002- and JOY MANGANO WHERE EVER YOU ARE!

Reporter H., 2014-05-12, 12:36PM CDT

I purchased the Joy & IMAN genuine leather purse with the watch attachment...I received the purse 5/6/2014 but that watch did not work at all - it was a dud. I have contacted both HSN and Ingenious designs on the phone and none of them wanted to send me a new watch and gave me excuse after excuse. They will not get rid of me and will not give me a non-working watch and get away with it. I want my watch and they are responsible for sending me a good one. I will stop shopping on these TV shopping networks because they do not always provide good customer service and they make so much money that they do not care.

Rosalinda H., 2014-07-17, 01:00AM CDT

Everything sold by Joy Mangano is Junk!!! I've purchased the steamer, junk. It just stopped working. Those huggable hangers, Junk; the blue felt covering kept leaving stains on my clothes. It seems Joy Mangano, IDL or HSN the company she sells for? The quality is going down. I first purchased a CIA luggage set from them back in 05 and I still use it. Joy's credibility is garbage. She should look for a new job...

a05e147b, 2015-02-25, 03:24PM CST

"And then another Supervisor named Ronni called me and immediately took the side of her co-supervisor in her very own cranky, PMS menstrual, indignant and abrasive manner which appears to run rampant amongst the near do well Females that appear to be in compete charge and control of this dubious female oriented business which sells Keith Urban Guitars but will not stand behind their products in any way shape or form and when any customer will not bow down to their interuptive style of phone call dominance (where did the customer is always right get lost on these females, back when they passed their GED's for the very first time?) they also exhibit less than normal stones and hang-up when they can not verbally bitch slap the educated customer and as is their style of being on a recorded phone after they hang-up they say Hello-Hello-Hello and to the recorded version it sounds like the customer hung up. Who do these people think that they are kidding? They are kidding themselves and the people who hired them and as far I go I think that any company that hires Female Supervisors of and over the menstrual age is asking for a loss in business especially a business of such a dubious nature as in these people and I find that their name kind of spells it out as to what they think of themselves but the people that I have spoken to are anything but in the genius league! When they go out of business it will undoubtedly be due to their lack of customer service skills and aptitudes most often and more pronounced at certain times of the month!

Richard C. Vickerman (Fed. Prosecutor of Disability Discrimination Claims) "

MaryJean F., 2015-02-27, 11:54AM CST

Wow..I am not alone. My mother purchased the Keith Urban acoustic guitar for my son and it arrived with NO ACCESSORIES. Two months in and we still have NO accessories. She has called HSN 3 times and they told her it is made by Ingenious Designs so I sent an email to a Steve and he hasn't responded to me yet. I am really disappointed with Ingenious Designs and will think twice before I purchase another product from them or HSN. My son had to purchase his own strings, picks, cleaning cloth and allen keys...because he didn't receive them. I don't think Keith Urban would want his name attached to a company that doesn't follow through with what a customer purchases. I am hoping he has the accessories by Easter...fingers crossed !

Jean B., 2015-03-11, 05:26PM CDT

I, too, received a watch on my JOYIMAN bag that wouldn't work. I contacted HsN the day I received it, and I was told they would send a new watch. It never came. I wrote again and was told again they would ship immediately. Today, HSn customer service said I had been sent a letter saying the request was denied. I never received such a letter.

I do like the purse, but all parts should be in functioning states.. Not happy!

fb39b043, 2015-03-12, 07:26PM CDT

I purchased a Keith Urban 50 pc guitar package. The low E is flat and is not fixable. I contacted HSN and they referred me to Ingenious Designs. I am hoping against hope that I do not run into these problems , but I am very apprehensive. Good luck to all of you and I hope you get your problems resolved.

0b996198, 2015-06-16, 05:13PM CDT

JoyMangano is a total fraud!

She sells CRAP, that's why QVC dumped hetr ass

Sun glass readers lasted 1 week, got 4 pair ay a "BARGAIN " but each only lasted a few days to a week before they lost the screw that held the eaR PIECES ON.

I think she is a chinese plant here to ruin our economy...(just being flip) BUT SERIOUSLY...DON'T BUY HER CRAP, i WON'T, JUST AVOID hsn ALL TOGETHER!

f68135e5, 2015-08-03, 01:28PM CDT

I ordered the huggable hangers from HSN. They came dirty, faded, pitted and had globs of glue on top! So I have to repack everything and mail everything that came with them back at my inconvenience! So disappointed in hsn...they said call the joy mangano customer help at all from them !!HSN offered me an insulting whole $5.99 if I want to keep the dirty pitted hangers. I've ordered for years these hangers and the last ones had some that broke real easy but they did replace. I agree with the person who said this company is going downhill..what a disappointment.

geri j., 2015-09-12, 09:16PM CDT

I purchased a Joy Mangano luggage from HSN because it was described as beautiful, sturdy and handy. After receiving it I was very impressed. Anyway I stored it away until I was ready to use it about eight months later. Well to my utter dismay, the material was so flimsy and cheap that it completely flaked to the touch. I am so EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED. unfortunately I already discarded the order form but I would so like to receive a refund. Please let me know how this can be made right.

03b66111, 2015-10-08, 06:42PM CDT

And it continues... I purchased the Joy Mangano 128 piece Vase/sticks that were supposed to last up 2 two years... what a joke!!! They did not even last 2 days!!! The worst purchase I ever, ever made was from her. I will tell everyone I ever speak to about her terrible products and poor customer relations when it comes to exchanges/returns!!! She has no e-mail website to even file a problem. The HSN invoice says... If not completely satisfied, we will honor your return, yeah, how, when there is nobody around to accept your issue/complaint. Everything is made in China, probably in sweat shops, while she reaps all the rewards!!! I am a true believer in Karma, a business that is run this way can not last much longer.

5f0b516b, 2015-11-04, 09:19PM CST

I purchased quilted 3 piece luggage set, I used the 2 larger pieces over the summer which are fine. This past weekend I needed a smaller piece so I used the carry one and when I got to me destination the lining on one side was ripped. I will send picture if you want. I had to purchase another piece to hold my possessions. I am very disappointed I watch the show all the time but I never looked at customer complaints. I would appreciate you looking into the matter for me HSN said the pieces were under warranty

LS, 2015-11-06, 10:05PM CST

I, too have the quilted luggage set. After one three week use of the items, the small shoulder bag type tote cracked at the patent strap area. I called Ingenious Designs sent a pic of the item and had a brand new replacement item within 10 days. I was very impressed. One call - one reply to email as the call stated and that was it. Perfect.

31ddf512, 2015-12-15, 09:14PM CST

Mangano sold Ingenious Designs to USA Networks, the parent company of the Home Shopping Network, in 1999.[3]

2f44ca3a, 2015-12-25, 09:52AM CST

I am guilty of not following through and returning my Green Pan. Everything sticks to it. Many who have purchased products via TV, say never again - worst junk. And I'm sure many do what I did - keep or donate the item. I have no problem with people making money, but the profit margin on this stuff is huge! There's no middle man. They're selling it right out of their shipping site, no retail/box store overhead. Joy Mangano is an extremely wealthy woman. That being said let me share my Christmas eve with Joy story: She owns Porto Vivo restaurant in Huntington, NY. This restaurant building was recently constructed. It is three stories with NO elevators. NOT COMPLIANT with the ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act. I had dinner there last night(Christmas Eve). In came Joy Mangano with party of friends and family. The party was directed to the room up on the third floor. Joy assisted an elderly woman, perhaps her mom, up two flights of stairs. It was painful to watch this woman struggle to walk up these flights of stairs. How disgraceful! This is a high end establishment. Shame on you, Joy for not spending the extra $100k on an elevator.

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