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Posted on Monday, September 22nd, 2008 at 9:58pm CDT by ba9c3300

Product: LSU, L.S.U., Louisiana State University Athletics

Company: Burger King

Location: 2727 Canal st.

URL: http://www.burgerking.com

Category: Restaurants, Bars

To whom it will concern,

I have just finished living through a terrifying experience at the Burger King on Canal St. in New Orleans, Louisiana, (mid- city), 2727 Canal Street, 70119. I made Audiotape and I videotaped the entire experience. If you fail to respond in a timely manner to this letter, I will post the video on http://www.pickensplan.com, in a forum that discusses your green technology solutions and recaps this event, along with the audio and videotape.

I will also post the video to youtube.com with an expertly written and search engine optimized copy to rank highly in google. I wont have to ask anybody for any favors, I am expert at creating high google rankings and I am extremely angry at the situation I just went through. I believe your policies and procedures at Burger King are endangering the good citizens of New Orleans.

I am a very active Ambassador for T. Boone Pickens and the Pickens Plan, our army will not take kindly to how I was treated at the Burger King you are responsible for and with which you are associated. Boone Pickens has a deal with google.com and I will use that association to create extremely high-ranking articles and blogs, (internet media), returned at the top of the google rankings for the primary search terms your marketing teams use to promote Burger King in New Orleans. I will post on complaints.com and hundreds of other high-ranking blogs and websites that affect your google rankings.

I will turn your own search marketing terms into a lesson in google judo. Google is an ally of mine also; we converse regularly. A lot of vegetarians and health concerened individuals are working for google, great leverage for me. If you dont understand what Im talking about, then youd better find somebody who does or you will be taking a risk that is in violation of your fiduciary duty to your corporation.

========== THE EVENT ============

I began by ordering a free whopper with an LSU calendar card promotional device when I ordered the value meal offering a free whopper with the card. I was in the service drive through lane.

My order was taken and I requested the fixings on the side. I had only brought $5 as I have just returned to New Orleans after evacuating hurricane Gustav, and then Lake Charles for Ike and I am budgeting my money. The order totaled $5.59 and the clerk told me not to worry about the .59cents.

I felt wonderful and loved by Burger King; she was very, very Christian about the entire experience. I was embarrassed that I had not brought enough money, thinking incorrectly that the deal was a buy one whopper get one whopper free. She was very courteous and considerate.

I got a large fry with my value meal out of the kindness of her and the other workers hearts; they could easily see all my belongings piled into my car.

While my order was being prepared a man stopped his car, blocking the safe egress, (the exit) from your Burger King to-go service lane and property. He got out of his car and started to talk on his cell phone. I immediately became suspicious. In New Orleans, when you block the egress from a property that is busy with cars constantly exiting, you must be suspicious otherwise you are just being very, very naive.

I was blocked from exiting your property and underwent a tremendous amount of stress. In Iraq, I would have followed and executed the training you are certainly familiar with hearing about on the news.

Without driving up onto the very high curb and risking damage to myself and the underside of my automobile, I could not exit your property. I pondered the possibility that driving up onto the high curb might rip open my gas tank and ignite, thus injuring myself, the man blocking my exit, and any innocents walking by your Burger King property. Caution got the better of me and training stepped in, I took the risk of striking this completely irrational individuals automobile, (he responded only with increasing belligerence to my demands to cease and desist his criminal activity of blocking a property egress in New Orleans).

You really should forward this to an Attorney who is not out to lunch. I am so angry right now I could shatter my own teeth.

Some of your customers have taken other peoples lives, in the service of this great nation in the armed forces. When they find themselves blocked both front and back, (like in Iraq before the sooiside truck that is blocking you from the back dets), some of these soldiers who fought for your freedoms get extremely worried and move into their training to protect themselves and others from potential car-jacking or robbery.

Do you make it a regular policy to instruct your customers to block the egress from your Burger King property? If so, you are in conspiratoral felony violation of the law with respect to Federal Disater area law, and New Orleans laws.


Blocking a car into a food service lane is a preferred technique of car-jackers and robbers. In New Orleans during a high time of stress after these storms, blocking a vehicle into the service lane at the directions of your management is tantamount to criminal activity, is inciting and indeed, according to New Orleans traffic ordinances it is a CRIME to block or to cause the blocking of the egress of any building or property for EXACTLY the reasons I have stated.

After continuing and escalating argument with this individual, I felt endangered because of his criminal conduct, (knowingly and purposefully blocking egress from a highly trafficked exit from private property). This is a very real crime, and that man choose to engage in criminal activity because somebody working at the Burger King told him to stay there and wait for his food. That is collusion on the part of your employees in criminal activity, it couldnt be clearer. You are setting up your low level employees. Take responsibility for your property and the safety of your customers. Be a good American, or dont be one at all.

If I post this video and audio on youtube.com it is going to look, very, very bad, and Ray Nagin will get the first link in email and he will affect you with his political power, I will make sure of this in google.

Your reputation online will be damaged badly by this audio and videotape and I am extremely angry.

The blocking egress law does not exist to ameliorate irate homeowners; it is to protect people from car-jackings and robberies that are staged by blocking a vehicle. If you do not understand our laws and continue to break these laws, then you will not be allowed to do business in New Orleans. I am watching this Burger King as it is near my home. If anyone is injured or any persons property is damaged on your Burger King property then I will make it a point of providing the video of what happened to me to that party. Often in a civil trial for damages, managerial and director level incompetence is cited to prove another incidence of incompetence.

I have researched the criminal records online of the property that this Burger King is on. This Burger King has been known for murders and assaults and the Rallys around the corner has had 3 cold-blooded murders on its property in the last seven years.

Ask yourself now; what would you do if I blocked you, your children, and your wife into a Burger King drive through lane. What would you do? Would you sit there and be worried, perhaps terrified as the transients walked past your car and sneered at you?

Or would you act to protect yourself and your family from very real, potential harm?

I suggest you let somebody from New Orleans read my letter, because if at this point you do not understand what I am talking about, then you should not have a family because you will not be able to protect them.

When a car is blocked into a Burger King service lane at the orders of management, and a car-jacking or robbery occurs, you will be responsible for any injuries that occur as a result of any attempt by the victims to defend themselves or to escape that restraining behavior. I believe I could make a case for temporary kidnapping, and smear you so badly on google, that your Burger Kings would never recover. I would write software to automate the updating of the blogs and social network sites that I would use to attack you online. I feel attacked by your Burger King and I am going to fight back. Men have fought for your freedoms in Desert Storm, Afghanistan, and Iraq. The least you can do is fight for the freedoms and safety of your customers. Earn your pay troop.

Semper Fi.

I called out to this individual who was blocking the egress of your Burger King property and told him he was in violation of New Orleans law for blocking my exit from your property that he was making me extremely nervous and in blocking my egress from your property he was in VIOLATION OF MY CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. I could not move backwards without endangering any vehicles coming around the corner of the service lane, to do so would put me in grievous legal jeopardy and might seriously injure myself and other innocent people if I hit them in reverse. But I know you, the reader of this letter are more than intelligent enough to understand this. You would not have been given this letter to read unless those that delivered it to you had confidence in you. I have confidence in you also, you should have confidence in my abilities also.

As to your corporate allegiances compared to your genuine concern for the safety of the citizens of the United States of America, I call you into question.

Please review your audio and videotape of this incident; I may subpoena this audio and videotape if required, when I choose to file a lawsuit against your corporation. I have 2 years to decide if I want to file a lawsuit. If you do not know the law in New Orleans, then educate yourself or choose legal peril.

I would argue in court that you were aware of the dangers of blocking your customers into the service lane in the M-U-R-D+E&R CAPITAL of the United States of America, and that you were aware of the level of violent crime in that area. You would lose this civil suit. I would sue you for Ten Million Dollars and I would win. Every single document would attach as addendum to the audio and videotape that I took of the incident as well as the audio and videotape your cameras received. If you attempt to destroy that evidence, which is now evidentiary in my civil claim against you, that would be Rico and Racketeering conspiracy to destroy electronic evidence which is also a FELONY violation of the USA Patriot Act. Are you with U.S. or against U.S.?

Will you make your policies and procedures at your Burger King safe for your customers, or will you continue to guide them into dangerous and illegal activities?

You can hide behind your lawyers, or you can serve the people of the United States of America. A lawyer will not protect you from reputation damage, (well deserved), from the release of my audio and videotape. I welcome any efforts by your legal team to stop me from publishing the truth.

It is legal to release this audio and video as it represents a danger to the public. It is quite possible that my retaining the video may be a violation of the law, in that I filmed a person and a corporation colluding together to violate New Orleans traffic laws.

New Orleans is currently a FEDERAL DISASTER AREA, and all laws, all FEMA laws, (which I can be very creative with), come into play here. You do not want to spend the resources opposing me, and I am very disappointed and frightened of you at this time.

Any person or corporation who could countenance this type of behaviour in a Federally Declared Disaster area, a high crime area, the CAPITAL of CRIME is a danger to all of U.S..

Your policies and procedures put me into a very dangerous and very frightening position. How many others have suffered at your expense?

Furthermore, if the girl who served me is affected in any way by this negatively I will release the video and audiotape. You are very lucky I have my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder under control. If you were one of the guys I visit at the VA, you might not have been so lucky.

I will send copies of my audio and videotape to your competitiors.

Who is the incompetent director who instructed your employees to tell customers to wait at the end of the service lane blocking the egress from your property while they prepared their orders?

You will discipline this person and you will make certain that the driver of the vehicle blocking my egress receives an apology from the manager and director of that Burger King. I have his license plate and have him on video; I have already sent him an email of my intentions. You put BOTH of us into a dangerous and frightening experience, and he may very well decide to come into my civil claim, that is my intention.

Now you OWE me big time for bringing this to your attention at this level of analysis.

What are you going to do to repay me for the terror I went through as I thought I might be car-jacked or robbed because I was blocked into your egress? Remember, your management instructing your crew to tell people to wait at the egress, (blocking the egress), is CONSPIRACY to violate New Orleans Traffic laws, which is a felony crime.

Ill see you on Pickens Plan and Ill see you on Google.com, get it in gear troop.

Perhaps it would be appropriate for me to start a blog on http://www.pickensplan.com/profile/neworleansburgerking and discuss your green technology solutions and how they might affect the effort in this nation to break the stranglehold of foreign oil on this nation.

You would want to participate in that discussion and comment on my audio and videotape.

Consider yourself blocked into my egress. How do you feel?


Patrick Morgan Jack

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c458eec9, 2008-11-11, 12:51PM CST

Why not do one of two things 1) move your car forward slightly then lay into the horn, if that did no good then 2) call the police on your cell phone...if you do not have one back up to the window and voice a complaint and ask them to call the police on your behalf..

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