Geek Squad

Posted on Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008 at 11:39pm CDT by 2c0e7be4

Product: HP, Windows, Best Buy

Company: Not Available

Location: Best Buy PCH
Long Beach, Ca, 90804, US

Category: Other

I went to Best Buy to buy a laptop (HP dv 6700). But since the moment I brought it home I have had nothing but problems. Best Buy tried to get me to get the extended warranty but I refused. After buying additional software (vista home, anti virus, etc) I actually tried to install it. To my surprise I was successful I thought. Then Internet explorer didn't work; the computer would not let me download skype and yahoo messenger sent a message to all my wife's contacts. We returned TWICE to Best Buy and they insisted we to a clean up that cost me $29.99. So I did and the problem still remained. Then they sent me to another Best Buy to get a replacement identical model. After haggling, they gave me back my $$$. apparently its a manufacturer's glitch But I am really hating that place and I will tell all my extremely affluent students (I'm a teacher) NOT to go to BB. What a joke. It's things like this that are making me investigate Macs.


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