Direct TV - Direct TV Scam

Posted on Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008 at 1:32pm CDT by d047301e

Company: Direct TV

Location: US


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Beware when signing up for Direct TV. I recently signed up for Direct TV. Two days later, I called to cancel because the service turned out to be inferior to my cable service. When I spoke to Direct TV, they informed that service could only be cancelled within the first 24 hours. After that, I would have to pay a two-year commitment fee (over $400) if I wanted to cancel the service. Additionally, although I initially signed up for the service by calling Direct TV directly, they told me the service was actually installed by a third party, and therefore the cancellation issue out of their (Direct TV's) hands.

First, I was never informed of the 24 hour cancellation policy, nor of the two-year commitment when I signed up. Nor was I informed that the installation service was being performed by an independent third party not directly affiliated with Direct TV -and whose business name I don't even know - which means that any issues outside of the satellite service itself are between me and the unknown third party installation service provider.

This is a crooked business practice that makes you a slave to Direct TV, leaving the consumer with no other options once he/she is trapped in their web. Buyers beware. Direct TV is inferior to cable service in every way possible!


24817121, 2010-01-20, 12:00PM CST

Yeah I had a bad experience too, I signed up after finally getting them to actually do a real credit check or they were going to charge me 300.00 finally got it all squared away, I should have ran fast at that point, I made sure when I signed up I would get a Direct TV company van and a direct TV person to install. I ended up with some person with an older station wagon and ladders tied to the top, this is not what I feel is proffessional, I told the man I was sorry but I wanted an actual employee. I know from the company I work for any indpendent contratcor does not mean a thing, they could be anyone fresh out of prison. SORRY NO DIRECT TV FOR ME I WILL SICK WITH MY DISH.

ron c., 2013-05-23, 05:07PM CDT

After staying with DIRECT TV for 2 years to satisfy my contract....I phoned to cancel. Recording told me to press a certain number if I wanted to cancel. Each time a recording would come on saying to wait for an agent. Then after a 5 minute wait (or longer) system would hang up on me and I'd have to start all over...(this happened 3 or 4 times) what they were trying to do is get me frustrated so I'd stay with them a few more months. I had to get a 3rd party involved to cancel. It was a nightmare. In Dallas area I get about 20 English-speaking channels for free w/antenna. Best deal going. No more Direct TV for me. I have had Dish Network, and I liked them much better.

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