Honda Cars of Katy - Cancelled the Extended Warranty - No Refund yet - Honda Cars of Katy

Posted on Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008 at 10:44am CDT by 5b52f0e7

Product: Toyota Corolla CE

Company: Honda Cars of Katy

Location: 21001 Katy Freeway
Katy, TX, 77450, US


Category: Other

I purchased a used Toyota Corolla from Honda Cars of Katy on 26th June 2008. I was offered an Extended Warranty on this, which I opted for, not knowing that it actually added $1599/- to my loan. After realising this, I cancelled this on 30 June 2008 (which is just 4 days after I purchased it). I was told that the refund will directly go to the loan (which is perfectly ok for me). Now, it is already 2 months after I cancelled, but there is no refund. I enquired with Justin Windsor, 4 weeks after I cancelled. He told it takes around 6 weeks. Then I enquired after another 2 weeks, he said it takes around 8 weeks. Now, he startd saying, it takes 12 weeks. I contacted the general manager, Chris Morrison. He does not have any particular answer about this.

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5b52f0e7, 2009-12-29, 10:55AM CST

For anyone who want an update on this. This guy Chris Morrison is an absolute liar. He sent me email (I still have those emails) saying that he spoke to 3 people at the warranty company and they do not have any information.

Finally I contacted the warranty company directly. I was shocked to know that after 2 months or so, Honda Cars of Katy had not sent them any of my warranty cancellation papers. The lady there (I do not wish to tell her name) was very helpful. I sent her all my emails and correspondance. She agreed to treat this cancellation from whenever I first requested. I got my money (directly to the loan account) in less than 3 weeks.

Please stay away from these guys.

Recently I also got an email from another guy who got cheated in the same way. I tole him to get in touch with the warranty company. He also had the same experience. He got his money back after he contacted this lady.

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