Busysellmart.com - Busysellmart.com is a scam

Posted on Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008 at 1:10am CDT by 5ae6dcce

Product: Cell phone products

Company: Busysellmart.com

Location: Yahoo
unknown, un, unknown, ZW

URL: http://busysellmart.com/

Category: Other

If you purchase any of their attractively in-expensive items, you will be redirected to Yahoo checkout. At that point, the credit card is indeed taken but, you will be notified by a James Macbent going by [email protected] and told the credit merchant is "down" and you must provide personal information> he will in turn send you the proper ID to WESTERN UNION him the money. Good Luck.

Be very careful when a legitimate looking store on the web asks that only Western Union is accepted. A WU moneygram once paid can be picked up anywhere in the world. So if Mr. Macbent claims he is in the US, don't beleive it. A Wu can be wired to a Pheonix adress but accepted in Nigeria. I know, I sent 1.00 to test a seller on this website and it was picked up in Zimbabwe after Mr. Macbent said he was in the UK. I complained to Yahoo but since he has paid for his web site from them, they do nothing. Sad. I hope they at least post this so it does get published so anyone researching this can be forwarned before getting "taken."


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75095392, 2008-09-03, 01:43AM CDT

More on this,

They just tried to hit my credit card with two 1,000.00 charges. I blocked it however, by warning my bank about Mr Macbent.

5ae6dcce, 2008-09-08, 04:53PM CDT

As of now, Wikio and Yahoo! shopping have removed busysellmart.com from its merchant listing. As for its presence on the internet, this website still can be accessed and Yahoo still has a checkout program for them. Several potential customers are still receiving emails from Mr. Macbent confirming his wares are indeed for sale asking for western Union as payment. His registered company in the US is Tery Max in Atlanta, Georgia. This address is in compliance with Safe Harbor which requires overseas operations legit or otherwise to have a domestic presence in order to use Yahoo as a host. Just be careful, western Union or any payment other than an real escrow service or credit card can lessent he chances of you actually losing your money.

5ae6dcce, 2008-10-10, 08:51PM CDT

Hi EveryoneDO NOT buy any cell phone from busysellmart.com This website is a scam.after you paid they will ask for more and more money and they won't allow you to cancel the item. YOUR ITEM WILL NEVER COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DO NOT BUY ANY THING FROM JAMES MACBENT FOR BUSYSELLMART.COM

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