20"Polaroid tv - polaroid nightmare

Posted on Thursday, September 18th, 2008 at 3:37pm CDT by d4e7a3fe

Product: Polorad LCD TV model#TLA04011C

Company: 20"Polaroid tv

Location: 221 LAKESIDE DR. #102
KS, 66048, US

Category: Consumer Electronics

I'm aware of built in obsolescence but this is ridiculous.In Dec.06 I purchased a 20"Polaroid TV from walmart,it went bad. I took it back to Walmart and they exchanged for me.I decided to upgrade to larger more expensive model thinking there would be an increase in quality as well. I got a32"Polaroid tv it lasted 4 months. Not thinking it could happen again I got a 40"Polaroid tv. 90 days after the warranty expired guess what it's dead. I'm out almost $1000.Polaroid TV's have bad control boxes do not waste your money like I did. I'm 61 years old a disabled veteran on a fixed income I trusted the Polaroid name cause as a kid it was a leading brand name. I grew up and Polaroid grew down they're junk trash and shameless DON'T BUY POLAROID or you'll one a soon regret it

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c458eec9, 2008-12-23, 10:35AM CST

My question is this and no disrespect intended, but if you knew the brand had problems why did you keep buying it?? Personally the first time for me would have also been the last time..only one even exchange and if it went bad I would have demanded a refund or buy a different brand..

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