Silverleaf Resorts - Silverleaf Resorts, biggest scam ever

Posted on Wednesday, September 17th, 2008 at 6:53pm CDT by 8b8cfe2d

Product: Time Share resorts

Company: Silverleaf Resorts

Location: 1221 River Bend Drive, Suite 120
DALLAS, TX, 75247, US

Category: Travel, Vacations

My wife and I are Silverleaf timeshare owners since 2006, and I regret the day I signed the note.I would like to express how Silverleaf has managed to basically strip my family of thousands of dollars. I have to admit that it was partly my fault for letting this people "suck me in" into buying one of their properties. I should've taken the time to think things thru, but that's just it, once you're in the closing booth, you don't have a chance against their very well put together sales pitch that they use to confuse even the smartest buyer.At first I was really reluctant to sign, but i was reassured by smiling faces and sound explanations that there was nothing to worry about. I thought I asked all the right questions [or so I thought]. So,It all started when we received a letter in the mail saying

that we won won a free vacation of 1 of three presents including a brand new car. They say all you need to do is come for a free 1.5 hour presentation on their resort. They also promise a $40 gas card from Spirit Incentives. These guys are a total scam. The presentation is a high pressure sales job preying on what appeared to be uninformed and unprepared families. Our sales rep was so eager to close the deal that he offered to drive back with us ( a 2 hour drive) just to pick up a check for our down payment. Feeling pressured by this "army" of sales people that kept coming to the desk, we finally cave in. Just 24 hours after we signed the documents we drove back to the office, and asked to talk to the sales rep that sold us the package,after waiting for 3 hours this person finally showed up. After we told him that we wanted to cancel the whole thing, he told us that that wasn't an option, and the only thing we could do for us was to downgrade the initial package he had offer us, so of course we accepted ( $200 for 7 years, how stupid was I ).

We bought the "deluxe package" with access to over 13 diffetent resorts, but everytime single time we wanted to use the resorts, everything was taken. Its been almost three years and I was only able to use the resort three times, both times for only a couple of nights. On top of my $ 200 a month I had to pay an extra $ 50 / night to stay there, a small detail that wasn't disclose at the time we signed the contract. Not to mention, that the resort where we stay in Galveston, TX was dirty, the customer service people extremely rude, the room was dirty, the bath tub nasty , there was hair all over the bathroom sink and bath tub.

Their customer service people are plain rude and sometimes they get belligerent on the phone when they we try to get some explanations regarding our membership, and we always get the same answer.. " read your contract".

In order to use some of the amenities inside the resorts we are asked to pay extra. another thing they forgot to mention during the sales presentation.

To recap, we got so fed up with this company, their poor and rude customer service, their lies, etc, that we decided to pay them off. We called twice to let them know that we were planning to pay off the account and we need it to know the exact pay off amount, instead of just giving me the pay off amount they transfered me to another sales rep. who tried to sell me an upgrade instead of paying them off. After i said no, they simply hung up. I specifically told them not to take any more money from my account as I was planning to pay them off. They told me "no problem". But, right after the check for $ 6400.00 cleared to took the monthly membership of $ 200 from my account, which I had to close afraid that they would try to take more money out. I was right, and they cost me an extra $ 70 in NSF charges. It took me 2 weeks and several phone calls to get my money back. Just today i got a call from the billing department saying that i still owed them $ 77 to pay off the account, this is 2 weeks later after I received a letter from them telling me that the account was paid off and the lien released. They tried telling me that that letter was mailed by mistake and that if i wanted the lien released i had to pay the remaining balance. So, after 45 minutes on the phone with them they finally agreed to credit my account the $ 77

I just want to warn other people about Silverleaf resorts, and to do their "homework" before they rush into buying any properties from this company. I recently researched this company and across thousands of complaints.There are hundreds of complaints posted on the BBB website alone, and lots more all over the internet. Let this be a warning to everybody not to buy from this company, unless of course you don't mind throwing your money away and having to deal with a company that cares nothing about its members.


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037dca38, 2008-11-19, 08:01PM CST

My parents age 85 and 83 just got sucked into a similar deal and signed their life away. I am trying to get them out of the mess, but it doesn't look hopeful.

4c979c88, 2009-06-23, 10:49PM CDT

I just want to say, this company IS making money on many folks like this gentleman and his wife. All I wish is if all the Silverleaf members would just take a stand and really look on how they are getting rob of thousands and thousands of dollars.

Here's my deal... we have been owners since 1999 and currently paying these people $145.00 a month for so call maintenance that oh by the way go up every other year, and now we are paying an extra $5.00 per property so they can remodel under their owners expense.

We don't take vacation every year so if you do the map $124 X 12 = $1488.00 and if we save this money and go on vacation every other year our savings would be $2976.00 now I am sure my husband and I can find a really nice place to that kind of money and even airfare.

The only way you are going to get a chance to stay on (BONUS) time is when they invite you out for the weekend, but you have to spend one and a half hours of your weekend listening to them trying to sell you more... we probably have listen to over 50 of these people and not one are telling you the truth. So please make sure you do your homework before you sign the bottom line.

995c8842, 2009-10-26, 04:11PM CDT

I feel for you - my husband and i went through the exact same things. We're informed & well educated people, but only God knows what happened! All I can say is that I'm NOT surprised to read your story. We're trying to sell our account - but the terrible thing is that we almost feel bad selling it to someone else because we know how Silverleaf treats their customers!

30536bfd, 2010-02-01, 02:58PM CST

My husband and I are in the same boat right now. We both came into this whole thing very cautiously and with no intention of buying a timeshare, but with all the misleading and misrepresentation from the salesmen of what exactly we would be getting for our money, we actually ended up buying a time share. We've only had it for 3 weeks now, and they called us in for a new member meeting which in turn they'd give us a free weekend stay and a gas card for coming up. At this meeting, we find out that all this information we were given was inaccurate and were made aware of the fact that we only have blue season usage for both the resorts as well as RCI (and most RCI hotels do not even offer blue season usage)! :( ... Now we want to cancel but were told we already signed off on everything and it is past the 6 day cancel policy time frame (which by the way, we were never made aware of from the get go). We are desparately trying to find a way out of this. Does anyone know where we can go to try to sell our time share??

8e84621b, 2010-02-15, 08:52AM CST

We too were sucked in to the wonderful vacations and the free cruise, etc. This is one of the biggest scams going and we can't do anything with our week because we too feel as though we would be cheating some unsuspecting people. My accountant recommended that we turn in the deed and write it off as a loss. I can't believe how we were hosed into buying this worthless money pit, but you live & learn. Warning to one ans all stay away from the OAK & SPRUCE RESORT in LEE, MA!!

f3594435, 2010-03-31, 06:18PM CDT

gosh you people are niave.

c0a35e79, 2010-04-07, 10:34AM CDT

Much to my dismay, I was drawn in by the sales person as well. I do not have time to tell my story, but it is very much inline with this story.

Silverleaf is nothing but a "scam". Pleasea take this adivse and "run" do not walk the other direction from their "oh so pretty tales" of relaxing by the pool and taking in the sites, etc.

It is not what it seems, but the monthly or annual "maintenace fees" are very REAL.

5706cce3, 2010-04-08, 11:16AM CDT

I'm glad I looked this up. We were recently promised the same car and vacation and I asked for a week to research the company. We went to something like this before and luckily didn't buy into "Outrigger" resorts either. They don't even give you gift certificates they promised you when you left. How do all these companies get away with this!!!

657ea756, 2010-04-12, 12:58PM CDT

These folks just called me to schedule a tour, was contacted by a Guy named Jason! I to believe this is a scam! Looked up the Company on the Dallas,Tx BBB website and these crooks have more complaints filed on them than Jessie James. Beware of doing business with any of these people.

774f20ba, 2010-04-13, 05:15PM CDT

Wow! I can't believe they are able to conduct business after treating their "clients" like this.

I take full responsibility for also being conned into purchasing Silverleaf's "Sampler Membership". The first condo we stayed in was FILTHY...just as you described, with hair in the bathtubs and sink, dirty dishes left in the d/w, strange stains on the ceiling, and carpeting, curtains, and bedding from the 70's (probably the original)! The blinds in the Master Bdrm. were broken and on the floor when we arrived, and it took 2 hrs. for them to respond to the call to the Concierge.

The pool usage is also a joke. There is one gated entrance to the pool, where memberahip cards are checked. Yet every 15 minutes (actual clocked time), "pool check" is called out, and everyone is evacuated from the pool and asked to sit at tables while the ONE pool guard makes their way around to check the Member Cards again!! Ludicrous!!!!

Thankfully, this hellish nightmare with reps who care not about their clients once they've been lured in, is soon-to-be over (for this single mom of 4). Yes, I am out $1,000, but it is much less than others I know who will be paying for years to come.

(@ The Villages Resort @ Lake Palestine - East TX)

*You could find La Quintas all over the country that are cleaner, and whose staff would treat you more professionally, for a hell of a lot less! LOL

~Screwed-Over by Silverleaf Resorts

a676b84b, 2010-05-15, 07:11PM CDT

I too got sucked in for 3 units because I wanted to gift a unit to each of my 3 kids. What a joke! All of these comments are true - there is never availability and when there is, the facilities are disgusting. Is there any way to file a law suit against these unfair sales tactics!???

f75c08f8, 2010-07-02, 10:47PM CDT

We too are in the same position. Told we needed to keep upgrading to get to use Bonus Time. We have been able to use it once in the last 14 months. We filed complaints with the Federal Trade Commission, Texas Attorney General, and BBB of Dallas. I did this last night. Looked up a lawyer in Dallas for a name in case we needed to call someone in to help. Then I called Silverleaf Corporate this morning and asked for a Manager. Got a Manager on the phone, explained all of the past 14 months and how they are using deceptive trade practices, and informed them of the compalints filed. She told me they would draw up the paperwork for us to sign to get out of our contract. Once I told her about the complaints and the attorney she jumped right on the paperwork.

613ae198, 2010-07-08, 01:01PM CDT

Silverleaf promised me and my wife a 3 day cruise for sitting in on a timeshare presentation. We burned a n entire day traveling and the trip was a scam. They lied to us. There was no free cruise. In the end it cost $700.00 in fees, taxes, seasonal fees, hotel, holiday fees. We could have booked our own trip for not much more. They have no ethics or integrity. Do not listen to a timeshare pitch, fall for their free gift scam or buy a timeshare with them.

65bd3d36, 2010-07-15, 03:50PM CDT

I could not agree more. We just purchased a sampler package with the option to buy the deed at the end of 10 months. My husband lost his job and there is no way we can pay this. We told them at closing that this might happened, that is why we went with the sampler instead of a deed, but they said if it does no problem just call and let them know. I have been trying to get in contact with them for 2 weeks, I keep getting the runaround until today. Someone actually called me back. He told me this was just like real estate. I laughed and said this is a membership to use a facility for day usage,we can't even stay the night,not a deed. He kept talking over me repeating the same things over and over that there is no way we can get out of this and blah, blah, blah. I finally told him I was done dealing with them that someone else (Lawyer) would be contacting them to deal with them on my behalf. He back tracked so fast I had to laugh. He put me in touch with corporte, it is not resolved yet, but it is ridiculous to have to go through all this trouble for a MEMBERSHIP, I can only imagine if we actually purchased a deed. They are rude and not very respectful at all. I wish we would have done more research. We are educated people, and got sucked in. Hopefully this will get resolved soon.

b6d7912c, 2010-07-18, 04:44AM CDT

I was subjected to the same scam from SilverLeaf.Within 24 hrs of buyer's remorse, they wouldn't allow the contract to be cancelled. I went to one of their resorts near Tyler as a comp and found it to be smoked out, dirty and nothing clean available!! I acquired additional expenses after finding a hotel in the area to spend the night after leaving my comfortable home 2.5 hours away in North Dallas. THey never reimbursed for those expenses. THe company should be closed.I've met MANY DISGRUNTLED clients when I've gone to the Irving office to try to get out of this scam.

9084bd82, 2010-07-21, 04:26AM CDT

Did this all start by a drawing where you enter your information and they draw names? If so, did you then drive to the resort and then scratch off the tickets to win 5 gold pots for either the free car or $49,000? Please let me know because I am scheduled to go on Thursday and would rather not waste my time. Thanks.

36a5c51a, 2010-07-31, 09:53PM CDT

i own at silverleaf, and i watched a three minute movie on bonus time, so i am sure you did too. it says the odds of getting in for the bonus time is 50/50. if you call and book 14 days in advance you will most likely get it. how is it a scam when you payed 6400 and get to go anywhere in the world for 194$ through interval international and you still get to use the resort whenever you want contrary to your color. 6400$ seems like a cheap price to pay for a lifetime of vacation. maybe if you used your brains and figured out how to plan in advance it would work well for you like it does for me.if you bank your one week this year in interval, you can borrow from the year ahead and go on vacation this year with that then when next year comes you will have had a whole year to set up your vacation through interval in which you would have gotten a confirmation to your dream vacation.

672105f6, 2010-08-01, 10:29PM CDT

I have been an owner for 1 year and have already had full use of the resort facilities....friendly staff and clean rooms....It is quite amusing reading the "scammed" rhetoric. They do apply pressure tactics, however in the end the choice was still ours. Visit the BBB (that's BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU) website and check out the A+ rating...that is not just handed out and speaks volumes about the business practices...and also serves as a valid reference to anyone thinking about patronizing SL.


255864d6, 2010-08-03, 04:55PM CDT

I have an appointment with this timeshare. After reading this the least that I can do to payback this type of business behavior to the consumer is to not show up. If they call me I will tell them to kiss my behind!

0564dbee, 2010-08-23, 11:42AM CDT

Silver leaf is a joke. They lie, cheat, and steal. After 3,000 dollars has been taken from me. I know longer want to give them anymore money. I am intentionally not going to pay them and will gladly have bad credit as long as they do not get another cent. I made the mistake of wanting to please my wife buy it because she likes to travel.

There RCI package is also a joke. And

all the staff is a joke.

5ebbbd42, 2010-09-11, 08:05PM CDT

I'm really glad that I read all these comments. I'm going tomorrow to Lee Ma and was promised the cruise & airfair along with 2 $40 AMEX cards. Going to start practicing my NO's now and going to tell my son NOT to bother that I will give him 1 of the $40 cards back for the money he had to put down to get the appointment.

Thanks for all the inputs!!!

1eb36d01, 2010-09-14, 05:45PM CDT

mine started with a car, or a certain amount of money, a cruise, 40 dollar gas amer. ex. card, all that. and it all started because i had filled out a paper at out local mall

1f7d4683, 2010-09-15, 07:20PM CDT

Don't know where you went but we haven't experienced the same things as you. While the sales people are high pressure, after all their job is sell timeshares,they are going try very hard to sell you something, just saying no works. My wife and I went to an upgrade meeting & successfully said no to any kind of upgrade. As far as unit availibilty, I have never had any problem getting into the resort we wanted to stay at. You can always sell.

023a8985, 2010-09-17, 01:42PM CDT

To Tomas

Sounds like you might be mistaken here is a direct quote from the BBB:

Based on BBB files, this business has a BBB Rating of B- on a scale from A+ to F.

Reasons for this rating include:

* 454 complaints filed against business

* Advertising issue(s) found by BBB.

Our file experience shows that this company has been the subject of complaints alleging misleading or high pressure selling tactics or dissatisfaction with the free award received at sales presentations. Complaints from timeshare owners primarily allege difficulties canceling contracts, difficulties making reservations for specific dates, or dissatisfaction with resort services. Most complaints have been answered, however customers have not always been satisfied with the company's response.

I am not sure what site you were looking at but this is the real report.

fc4147b3, 2010-09-23, 09:56AM CDT

Well.... here goes,

I recently signed a deed contract Sunday 19th 2010.... then investigated the company only to verify. Contract says I have 6 days to cancel no obligation and I have consulted my law firm pre-paid legal. After his feed back and the blogs I'm seeing all over the net, I sent a letter of cancellation to both the Conroe Piney Shores resort and the Dallas office. Signed and notarized as I certified with receipt the letter via USPS. I am holding my breath on the response as well as getting my down payment back placed on my Master Card. Good new is... I can probably get Master Card to cancel that charge. I will keep you posted next month on the final fallout. Wish I had read this before the visit. :-(

48dbe2ad, 2010-09-29, 08:46AM CDT

I am in a very similar situation as you have stated but even for a longer period of time.

I would like to know if there are any ways out of this.

This is sad that scams are done in a public forum and the law cannot punish these thugs.

Please write to me @ [email protected], if you have found any ways how to avoid paying them monthly dues or sell it off.

aed94949, 2010-09-30, 05:40PM CDT

I scored 6 free tickets to a baseball game and 2 to a hockey game, plus $20. Not bad, but getting the prizes was a pain. The sales people were typical sales people selling a typical inferior product. The sales pitch that I got came from a 20 year old who couldn't spell most any of the scribbles she was jotting down, nor could she pronounce challenging words such as "amenities." Over the course of the sales pitch, it became very apparent that this youngster had never invested her money into something as expensive as their vacation packages. What's more is that I'm an avid traveller who has been to most of the destinations they listed in their package, and I've got to say that the locations within the areas Silverleaf has properties are subpar compared to what you would find if you travelled there on your own and found yourself a cheaper hotel... or even just went camping. The company hasn't made its profits from buying nice real estate.

Anyways... I've got better things to do right now. Just keep your chins up and sit through the presentations, reminding yourself to not get suckered into the scams.

And if you do end up with the free Rangers tickets, maybe we'll see each other in the nose bleed section this weekend! I'll be the guy wearing the Rangers shirt.

979d2f84, 2010-09-30, 04:09PM CDT

my boyfriend and i fill out one of the forms at the baseball games everytime we go, hes been called 3 times within the last two years and with a steady no weve gotten 3 seperate cruises out of it. Yes you have to pay the tax which for us was about $100 each time and however much it costs to get to the port your ship is sailing out of, but so far we've had a good time. I recently got a letter in the mail saying i had won one of the top 5 prizes and cruise tickets and for attending on a weekday am also supposed to get a $40 gift card. I will be walking out with everything listed above. Its all about knowing the sales pitch better than they do and not signing anything or letting them take your credit card, all they need to see is your name and a logo not the numbers.If you have to, take a list of everything your gong to accomplish or say "NO" to so you will stay on track, i always do.(both of my parents are top sales people in their industry and being a journalist i can do my fair share of word games) just stay on track, some of my extended family also lives near the resort so im taking the day to view the place in the mornig collect my things and then spend the rest of the weekend catching up with relatives, so a mini vacation with perks....if that wasnt the case i would have thrown the thing in the trash.Remember your time is worth money aswell!i'll let you know what i ended up with next week! And yes, the timeshares are the biggest scam ever!

22af2330, 2010-09-29, 05:42PM CDT

My family and I have owned for over 7 years and have never ever been disapointed with the service or facilies offered at ANY of the Silverleaf locations. Origionally when we were having trouble booking extra stays someone took the time to offer us an upgrade.. once we had a priority deed we had ZERO trouble getting in every single time. One time we had my daughters friends staying and one of them complained that the couch was uncomfortable. They brought an extra mattress that night, and a whole new COUCH the next day.

I agree with some of the other owners who laugh at the people who post the warning and scam alerts. Try looking at the glass half full and listen for crying out loud; if you called to gripe me out I'd probably hang up on you too.

86b305fd, 2010-11-16, 02:04PM CST

First off the availability depends on the deed you purchased. Of course the availability is low when you have a blue deed and trying to stay in a white season. Cause with blue you can only stay in the blue season. when you have a white deed you can stay in the blue or white season. And of course when you have a red deed you have availability year round. So it sounds like you had a blue and didnt understand anything. And the only time you pay to stay is on fridays or saturdays. Thats explained in you deed as well. cause bonus time is free only Sun.-Thurs. And as far as the aminities go of course some you need to pay for like the horses, boats, archery, thats for insurance on the horses and boats if something was to happen. Now for the other thing you get you money back when you bring the equipment back. IF YOU DIDNT REMEMBER IT WAS BECAUSE YOU REALLY WERENT LISTENING. AS FAR THE REPS. GO YOU ONLY SEE 2 OF THEM. A TOUR GUIDE AND A MANAGER THEN A REP FROM GIFTING TO DO A QUICK REPORT CARD ON TE REP. AND MANAGER. THEY DONT PRESSURE YOU INTO ANYTHING IF YOU BUY ITS BECAUSE YOU WANTED TO. NO MIND GAMES THE DOORS TO THE RESORTS ARE ALWAYS OPEN. IF YOU REALLY HAD A PROBLEM YOU WOULD HAVE DRIVEN BACK DOWN THERE TO KICK SOME ASS. BUT THAT WASNT ONCE MENTIONED IN YOU COMPLAINTS. SO IF YOU REALLY TRUELY DIDNT WANT IT YOU NEVER WOULD HAVE BOUGHT IT. The $77 dollars sounds like to me you didnt want to pay for your taxes, insurance, lights, cable, water, or sewer. Which is noted onthe contract for club dues. Even once you pay it off your still intitled to pay this justl ike you would on you home when its payed off. ALL N ALL SOUNDS LIKE YOU REALLY DIDNT UNDERSTAND WHAT WAS BEING SHOWN TO YOU. SOUNDS LIKE YOU WENT THERE FOR A FREE GIFT JUST LIKE EVREYONE DOES AND YOU LIKED WHAT YOU SAW AND COULDNT PASS UP AN AWSEOME DEAL. THEY DONT PRESSURE YOU TO BUY ANYTHING. THEY CAN LEAD YOU WATER BUT CANT MAKE YOU DRINK. AS FOR YOURSELF YOU DIVED IN SUCKED IT DRY. I PERSONALLY HAVENT HAD ANY PROBLEMS AND LOVE THE PROGRAM I HAVE OWNED FOR 3 YEARS AND NEVER HAVE HAD A PROBLEM. OF COURSE I HAVE A RED AND RCI. DELUXE PACKAGE REALLY ISNT A PACKAGE AT ALL ITS EITHER RED, WHITE OR BLUE AND ALL INCLUDE ALL 13 RESORTS.

f439f6d6, 2010-11-21, 11:07AM CST

I would never buy anything from any company like this. First of all, you are really only buying the right to use the property at certain times of the year (I don't care if they have decided not to call it a timeshare. It is still a timeshare. You don't own the property. You essentially own only the right to use it at certain times.). When I listened to the sales pitches at Silverleaf (which I have done more than once. You'll figure out why and how in a moment.) it did seem to me like there were more expenses then they initially let on (Fifty dollars a night to stay there, fees for this and that including something that sounded like a sort of condo fee). They tried to emphasize how much cheaper it was then a hotel. From reading between the lines and listening carefully, I have gotten the impression that this would cost much more than was obvious and that it would not be easy to find weeks during which I could visit other locations.


A Mystery Shopper (including for a market research company that does timeshare facilities and yes, I got to keep the rewards in addition to getting paid for the shop, a much better deal then buying anything at this property.

46e44d10, 2010-11-24, 04:41PM CST

Don't do it! Biggest financial regret i've made in a LOOONNNNNNNNG Time!

77fa1a5f, 2010-11-27, 05:57AM CST

TRY AGAIN. The Better business bureau rating is a B- and I am willing to bet that falls before it goes up, if it ever goes up. I would give the company a D- given my experiences. They would have gotten an even lower rating if I had not gotten most of my money back.

77fa1a5f, 2010-11-27, 06:14AM CST

There is no question that Silverleaf is a very shady operation. The slick suits and massive gift offerings come at a huge price. Remember granddad saying "If it sounds too good to be true it probably is" - Welcome to Silverleaf. We bought one unit with promises of awesome trade in value. We were put up in one of their units for our orientation and the unit we were put up in was smelly and in generally poor condition. The "orientation" was actually a sales pitch to upgrade, they told us that our trade in value was poor and we really needed to cough up another $7,000 to upgrade to get good trade in value.

Being idiots, we did that only to learn that our initial unit was a "destination resort" which actually had better trade value. So they lied. Just like they lied about bonus time availability and room conditions. It is all about the bottom line with this company. They give new meaning to the term "slick".

Their Better Business Bureau rating is a B- despite what the idiot above says, check for yourself. It would probably be lower but when you get a refund, as we eventually did (by threatening to call the attorney general and BBB), they make you promise to keep your mouth shut about it. I am breaking that promise because I don't want this company taking advantage of more good people.

Food for thought if you are thinking about buying: If you pay $10K for a unit for one week you are basically buying a 1/52nd share in that particular unit. 52 times 15,000 = 520,000. Take a good look at that unit is it worth more than half of a million dollars? And remember you still have maintenance dues to pay. Something tend to mention only when you ask during the sales pitch and then change the subject as quick as possible.

c1d4d596, 2010-12-06, 01:28AM CST

For all you people that ever plan on coming to the Seaside Resort in Galveston, your requests for walk in units or easy access are meaningless.

There is an 18-step minimum to the 1st floor for all our buildings. Nothing is ground level. If you claim that you are "handicapped or disabled", I guarantee you will not get a free ride into the golden elevators of our Presidential buildings. If you claim that you absolutely cannot do stairs, you need to check with owner services and have it placed on your account that you need to be placed in an ADA unit or something equivalent.


Proving your disability through corporate owner services is a 100% chance for riding an elevator to your room. Rooms come on a first come first serve basis unless it has been absolutely guaranteed by corporate. Otherwise, you are left at the discretion of the front desk. So you better hope that when you check in, you get somebody who might have an ounce of sympathy for your crippled legs.

98f74068, 2010-12-06, 12:46PM CST


981147b6, 2010-12-21, 03:51PM CST

Thank you so very much for providing this information about this company. I received a phone call from one of the representatives about an hour ago (12-21-2010 at 2:15 PM CST) letting me know that I had won a prize consisting of the four guaranteed items as I had completed an entry form at the Galleria Mall here in Houston, TX. While the person was going on about what I'd won I was laughing the entire time. I told her that I had not been to the Galleria in quite some time and that I certainly had not completed any entry form. She insisted that someone did and as a result I had won a prize. I decided to play along in order to obtain their information so that I could research the company once the call ended and then I found you. Thank you again, sir for your helpful post. It confirmed what I thought about these people all along. I am truly sorry for the experience you went through but telling us about it saved many people a lot of time and money and for that I am grateful. Time to cancel that ridiculous appointment :D

9e98e4d4, 2010-12-24, 02:50PM CST

I just went to the Resort this week (Dec 2010) to see what all they have to offer. Let me say they DO give you the FREE pizes. I got a cruise to Bahamas, 40 AMX gift card, and hotel stay in Hawaii, Jamaica and Las Vegas. Yes i got all of that. Anyways this does seem like a good idea for families. I do know that to get the most benefits, you must get the RED deeds so you dont have any restrictions. Any other deed is not worth it. Now i did not sign up now just because my intent was only to go claim my prizes but i do plan to return in the future. It really wasnt all that bad. Yes they do have some hard core salesmen to come and talk to you. I had 3 approach me but guess what..."ALL YOU HAVE TO SAY IS NOOOOO!!!" No one can force you to do anything or even trick you into doing it. Some of you people need to be more assertive. All these people are doing is their job. If you are Punked into doing something you dont want to do then you do need to go out to things like this. My experience overall was B+. I will definitely be going back (w/i) 6 months to claim some more free prizes and to get in on the presidential suites. Vacations here is come!!! By the way i went to the resort down in Conroe, TX

No T., 2010-12-29, 10:18PM CST

Silverleaf does this all the time, visit there are ways to get your money back.

08a00c84, 2010-12-31, 09:57AM CST

WOW! I've been an owner for about a year and a half and my experience has been positive. Many of you talk about being tricked into purchasing the property, but as someone mentioned, just say "no". Once I attended an "Update Meeting", those folks kept me there for at least 3 hours trying to convince me to purchase/upgrade. I simply didn't have the money - that's it, that's all. Here in Illinois, they promise you a $150 for your time or a free stay. I was at the Silverleaf Store in Lombard or Oakbrook somewhere. So after the sales person left and got his supervisor/manager/director, I still said "No" and proudly collected my $150 bucks. It's their job and it's ours to educate ourselves. We go into this situation with our hands out, gas card, free trip, shopping spree, etc., but let's face it folks, you don't get something for nothing.

This new rule where my husband has to accompany me to the "Update Meetings" is ridiculous. I purchased the property before I was married and my husband could take it or leave it. So I use it as a defense, when they call to schedule a meeting, I tell them my husband can't make it. Of course they try to pressure me into convincing him, but WHATEVER. I must say I do miss the extra cash, but hey, it is what it is.

I'm happy with what I have. We used it for our Honeymoon in Tenerife, Spain. It was great, our room faced the water and the little town. I've used the Bonus time both on the weekends and during the week, Fox River it's only 40 mins. away. I've had complaints regarding the room, however, they were handled promptly, once I spoke with a salesperson with venom and received a hotel stay in Cape Cod. Yes, this program isn't for the weak.

Every month, I try to visit the resort, hell, I'm paying a monthly fee, why not. I give the time to family and friends, who seem to like it. On special occasions, I'll visit the other resorts (anniversary, birthday, etc.) I've collected the $50 Referrals, I've requested my payoff amount and it was given without any drama. It's unfortunate that so many of you feel as if you have been taken advantage of.

Work this situation to your advantage, schedule time during the week at your resort (free), sale your week to someone else (there is always someone needing a Get Away), use your time for some alone time to just relax and watch the sunrise in peace, use it for a Girl's Overnighter with plenty of Strawberry Daquiries, or make it an exotic place for you and your spouse, be someone else there(roleplay), take walks on the property when the season is changing the leaves some many different colors - it's yours to use.

Gotta run, looking the schedule Bonus time.

2bdcd312, 2011-01-06, 07:05PM CST

I have an appointment for Saturday at Canyon Lake. I have read a lot of negative commetns and very few positive remarks. I really want to know if we can really get a cheap trip to Vegas. They say we have to pay taxes on a 4 night trip to Vegas with airfare. How many of you have had getting the"FREE" TRIP?

c1742dbb, 2011-01-08, 11:48AM CST

I've been a Silverleaf "weeks" owner for over 25 years (it was a different company when I bought the week). We have always enjoyed the resort (Holly Lake) and the staff are some of the nicest I've ever met.

I've worked with "corporate" on a couple of issues over the years and was always able to get what I needed -- it just takes a bit of patience.

We moved to another part of the coutry and now bank our weeks into RCI. This year we are able to exchange our East Texas timeshare week for a week in Italy (Tuscany) for us and two of our grown children.

This is a good deal for people who take the time to understand what they are getting and to drive the best bargain possible. Timeshare ownership is not for everyone, but for the right people it is a great deal.

No T., 2011-01-09, 01:52PM CST

If you are still stuck with your Silverleaf visit then email me.

eced605c, 2011-01-20, 01:59PM CST

My wife and I have been with Silverleaf for about fifteen years and have been pleased with them, our resort is Holiday Hills in Branson, MO and we have stayed there twice and other times we have exchanged with RCI, we have traded for Spain, the Canary Islands and many locations in the US, we also go down to Galveston quite often and enjoy it there,we have found it very clean and the people freindly except for Tony one of the sales people who was very rude, but just don't go on there presentations, other than that though we really enyoy our time share.

8bb5cf17, 2011-01-23, 02:04PM CST

I have owned Silverleaf for over 20 years. Just stayed at the one in Galveston a few months ago. What can I say, except that you don't know what you're talking about, or you don't know how to use what you have.

fdbbe896, 2011-01-27, 09:36PM CST

I recieved a call yesterday! and I completely agree I didnt go because my fiances parents went to that and they said it was aweful! They spend most of the time scamming you into buying a time share. They also offer you free trips and stuff and then you get to win onther of 4 prizes..well your always going to win the trip! they will never give a car and money away!!!! and when you do win the trip there are certain things that youll have to buy along with it. I just have to say complete SCAM!!!

15a45237, 2011-02-04, 05:32PM CST

Well I have to say I think Silverleaf Resorts Corporate is a BIG rip off. They will call and bug you past the point of acceptable. I inherited 2 time shares from my poor father that got so ripped off. They charged me $250 to change the names on one of the deeds and since I did not do it in their time frame they charged me another $250. They must have had a good party with the first $250. If you are going to leave it in your estate take care of it now. Total ripe off! I find them to difficult to deal with.

71700541, 2011-02-05, 06:21AM CST

Silver leaf is biggest SCAM in timeshare. DO NOT FALL for it.

c65ec6c1, 2011-02-18, 08:48AM CST

My husband and I just went to a presentation for this. Yes we knew a little about it being a timeshare but we came with an open mind to see what they were offering. Before we accepted we notified each and every person we spoke to that my husband had a flight that day and what was the time we were going to get out there. They all said that if we took the 10:30 meeting we would be out of there 12-12:15 the latest. Knowing this we left the following day for our presentation. Well we arrived on time actually 10:27 and checked in and we waited. Mind you I reminded them at the desk that my husband had a flight and their 3 representatives told us we would be out of here by 12:15. Our vacation presenter came at 10:58 to get us started. Wasted most time giving us small talk. Told her repeatedly that he had a flight to catch for work. No problem we get you out of here. Nice young lady. The property was nothing to really write home about. Didn't really have a lot of things for the kids to do. After touring the property checked back and the time 12:30. Oh no we have to leave we told her. She stated oh just 5 minutes and then we give you the prizes. After explaining we have to go to the manager, who we had to tell the young lady to go get. He tried to give us his spill. No we have to go. Don't make big purchases on the fly. Would not even extend the time we would have to think about it. Then he got owners or bigger ups as they called it to come and talk to us. No we have to go. Thats when the politeness all went away. We were treated less than dirt. Here then wait here for your prize. Excuse me what!!!!! Went back to Manager to explain this. Wait when we told you since 12:30 we had to leave. So we left without prize or gas money. They just looked at us like we were from Mars. If this is how you treat us now. Then how would you treat us when we invested 15,560 into your company. Manners and respect goes a long way. To bad its no longer readily available in the service industry.

The breakdown. They wanted us to spend $ 255 right now for application fee and down payment. Then stated they will cancel the payment of $200 and all we have to pay is $55. Then in April start our payments of $471 for the next 36 months. It gets better. It is only for 1 week vacation slot. For a total of 15,560. Thats for the blue times. My husband noticed that all the blue slots where in the cold months. No heated pool right by the water. Well we could go to there other 13 resorts. Remind you that it would be cold there too. So to upgrade we would have to spend more money to get a white slot with more options. The red slot is better but if we are paying $471 for the blue how much would that cost. Managers turn. Oh a person paid off for their unit before the upgrade so it is $9880. Only $274 a month still the blue slot for 1 week. Here's a little info for all who are thinking about buying into this. You do not have a specific unit. Stated by our young vacation presenter. Its like a hotel but you are guaranteed a spot. What!! So if I don't have my own unit then what am I paying for. Rent. Why rent when you can own. Thats apart of their pitch. But in reality you own nothing.

Even after you pay for your privileges you will still have to pay $71.50 for maintenance fee a month. To something you do not own. They do let you come for day usage all year around. But you can not stay overnight, They have very little to do on the property. Then we would have to still pay somewhere else or pay them $99 and use our bonus time of 2-4 days. All adds up.

View from the one in Galveston is dead tall weeds or grass. Have to cross the highway to get to the beach. No chairs or loungers provided for you. A very small putt putt golf. Tennis court in need of repair. Club house was a joke. I have more movies than they had. Stated it had a movie theater wrong. Is it worth 15,560 or even 9,880. No way and for only a week. When I can spend the same amount and take my kids to Jamaica for a month or even longer. This is something you will have to pay every month. It is a bill. When we vacation if for some reason we cant go. Guess what that money is still in our accounts to go another time or used for emergencies. Then the rooms only sleep 6 we have six children so what happens then. Disney was cheaper and they have more to do.

c6f10e25, 2011-08-09, 01:44PM CDT

these people are definitely one of the biggest con-artist scams in the world i hate them and their double talking sales pitch crap!!! Whenever i call them on something they always do lots of double talking to get out of it!!! I am ashamed of the way they do innocent people and their places are so tired and run down and dirty looking!!!!!!!

ddb418eb, 2011-08-24, 09:00AM CDT


My husband and I originally bought yellow (back when it es red, yellow, green) yellow being middle of the road....well...cant really go upgraded to red. I can say we have been happy with exchanges and such...but aren't happy with the constant haunts to buy another week. Stop with the sales pitches.....that's what aggravates me. But exchanges....stated 2 weeks in FL at a beautiful resort, then took a few days of bonus time in Florida at a Silverleaf resort...all in all...Im happy.

3e33f9ef, 2011-08-31, 01:47PM CDT

The Voss lawfirm in Hourston will be filing a class action lawsuit against Silverleaf. we have already been in contact Voss & they sent us an info. packet. Go to the Voss lawfirm website & contact them about your situation.

8aea00b6, 2011-12-04, 12:27PM CST

first of all the TOUR is 90min not the WAIT TIME! think about this before you even go. they schedule a crap load of people for one time because sometimes ppl dont show up n when they dont then we dont have any business. so if you dont like sitting there for a couple of hours dont go. and when you go to get your gifts dont attack the employees. they dont want to hear you complain. its not their fault you were there for so long. they have to make a living too. they dont make the rules so cut them some slack!

895b9dd2, 2012-06-12, 09:15AM CDT

I am a two year new owner at Silverleaf Resorts. I have yet to encounter anything that is misleading. Its a timeshare people. Dont tell me that you didnt know what you were getting into. 1.5 hour tour, then of course people trying to sell you the timeshare. Yes I thought the same when I went on the 1.5 hour tourwhich was really 2.5 hour with very nice people. I did want to buy, but they came up with a good offer and I bought at Oak and Spruce.. Silverleaf is like no other. They have several resorts which you can stay across the country for free Sunday to Thursday and Friday and Saturday or a small fee and free any day stay. And I say small fee cause you can not get a full kitchen two bedroom hotel for the price you pay at any silverleaf resort for a night (which is really only Friday and Saturday).. But anyway getting back.. Silverleaf Resorts along with RCI make this the most affordable times share there is, (in my opinion)I will be going on an exchange to ORLANDO the HILTON Sea world for $199 for a week!!!! cant get better than that I say KUDOS to SILVERLEAF Resorts My kid will definitely enjoy this summer

hir r., 2012-11-20, 03:02PM CST

Thank you for sharing this information ...we were suppose to visit silverleaf but after reading many other about this froud we cancled saved our money and time ..

[email protected] K., 2012-12-28, 11:14AM CST

. Timeshare Advocacy International is the leader in timeshare contract resolutions! If you have been a victim of deceptive sales practices during your purchase or upgrade of your timeshare we have the solution. We are the only advocacy group in the U.S. that focuses on deceptive sales practices within the timeshare industry that is accredited with the BBB . Additionally, we are the only company to win in court against the biggest timeshare company in the U.S. Timeshare Advocacy International Wins Lawsuit against World's Largest Resort. In November of 2010 TAI was sued by the largest timeshare developer in the world for assisting timeshare owners out of their contracts with their resort. The charges ranged from violating the Tennessee Uniformed Secrets Act, Tennessee Consumer Rights Act, unauthorized practice of law, intentional interference with business relationships, civil conspiracy, breach of contract, unfair competition, procurement of breach of contract, and unjust enrichment. On July 19, 2012 it took a jury less than 45 minutes to deliberate and return a verdict of Not Guilty? on all charges. We are excited to finally have this decision behind us so we can now focus on one thing, and that is our clients. During the last 2 years they have been trying to do one thing and that is to shut us up and bankrupt us through the court system. We always felt that at the end of the day a jury would see that TAI is in the business to help people. If the timeshare industry would stop lying and sell their product honestly we would be out of business, said Sean Austin. The jurys verdict represents a victory for free speech and free enterprise, and against corporate bullying,? said Austin's attorney, Greg Oakley of DHPM PC in a press release. Timeshare Advocacy International is headquartered in Mount Juliet, TN and currently has a staff of 19 that do nothing but consult, coach, and mentor timeshare owners who have been deceived during their purchase or upgrade of their timeshares. We specialize in helping timeshare owners not only get out of their timeshare contracts if they were lied to, but we also help them understand what happened and how they were scammed so this hopefully will not happen again! If you feel like you have been the victim of timeshare fraud or misrepresentation call today for a free consultation! [email protected] Licensed Texas Realtor Since 1996 Kevin Hanson (Timeshare Advocate) Regional Sales Director Timeshare Advocacy International 855.702.6636 or 713.554.3334 Ext.805

15103315, 2013-01-02, 09:40PM CST

YOU ARE A FOOL FOR ACTUALLY PAYING OFF THE ACCOUNT. I would never have paid one more dime. Your services were not rendered. When i stopped paying it off, it never showed up on my credit report. I had paperwork to show all the trouble i had had with the company.

Eva C., 2013-02-21, 12:30PM CST

It doesn?t surprise me to read these types of posts, these developments always operate in unethical ways. Don?t give up and fight for your timeshare cancellation. I recommend you read these articles on how to legally proceed against fraudulent timeshare companies:

932d9acb, 2013-03-04, 11:28PM CST

I stupidly signed up and paid $40 to do a 90 minute tour in exchange for tickets to the water park at The Villages, a $40 gift card, and 3 days/2 nights at Great Wolf Lodge. I NEVER intended on buying anything, and I told the girl I signed up with that, but she said that was fine and there would be no pressure to buy. Of course I knew they were going to push hard to sell...I've been around salesmen before. Luckily, The Villages Resort is less than 30 minutes from our house so it wasn't too much out of the way. I dragged my husband out, and my son and his friend with a promise that we would go to the water park after the tour. When we got there, it was very busy...lots of people there with the same promises that I had of prizes and probably not looking to buy anything more. We took a tour with a young lady named Gaby and she was sweet but not a great salesman at all to be honest. I wasn't impressed really at all with the property. The water park was pretty neat, but small. After riding around with Gaby in her car, we went back the the noisy "deal closing" room or whatever you want to call it. We listened politely to Gaby's attempt at a sales pitch and then politely declined. She said "I'm so sorry I couldn't help you today" with a look on her face that she was about to cry. She said she needed to call over her manager to get our prices. Then comes the sleazy young salesman with a totally cheesy grin on his face. We conversed and joked with him a little but we politely let him know we just did not have the money to do something like this. He kept saying "hang on and let me go see what I can do" and would leave and come back each time we politely said no. He would come back with some different deal and I really had stopped paying attention to anything he was saying at this point. Finally my husband had had enough and basically said we want our promised gifts and we wanted to go, with clear aggregation in his voice. Then that idiotic salesman had the audacity to say to my aggravated husband "Give me your drivers license!" My jaw literally dropped. My husband said "UMM WHY??" And then the salesman (wish I could remember his name) said "because we are going to do this deal." I actually laughed in disbelief that he actually thought that that was going to work. At this point I was so over this place that I was willing to walk out and just lose the $40 I paid without collecting my gifts. After we were all standing, obviously ready to walk out the door, the salesman proceeded to sternly tell my 6'4" to "Sit down!" My husband was LITERALLY about 2 seconds from punching this sleaze in the face, and I'm guessing he could see this because he immediately shut down and shut up and said someone would come over to us to give us our gifts. We kept standing just to make sure it was clear we were not going to be sitting down and doing any more "dealing." Finally, an older man came over with some last ditch effort at making a deal with us throwing out some lower numbers and writing the word free across the scribbled up piece of paper, but I honestly did not listen to anything the man said. We once again said no thanks politely for the millionth time and he very defeatedly said "You can go over to the next building to pick up your gifts." After listening to all that BS from those folks for 2 and a half hours, we went over to the next building and there was no employee in sight, just another couple of people doing the same thing we were doing. There was a sign that said something to the effect of "Place paperwork in the pile and wait" we did, figuring that we had already wasted that much time, we might as well get the prizes out of it. After several minutes, we where called back where a friendly lady, but one who seemed to not really give a hoot about her job, handed over the gifts. We received the water park tickets, the $40 gift card and two pieces of paper with our "free trips" details on them. My husband did some scratch off that I still don't really understand what the point of was, but we thanked her and left the building. We finally were able to take the kids to the water park after them having to endure the torture for 3 hours. My husband and I were in a bad mood at this point, but we let the kids have fun for a few hours. The so called free trips are so bogus. The first one was the above mentioned trip to Great Wolf Lodge but if you read the fine print there are all of these rules and stipulations, including the fact that you have to mail them a $75-$100 check for a deposit and you have to pay the taxes on the trip which range in price. Also, there is basically no guaranteed date you can book and you have to pick 3 dates 30 days make a long story short, it's a bug crock. The other free trip was to Hawaii or a few other tropical locations. YEAH RIGHT. Hawaii is one of the most expensive places in the world to go, and I know for a fact they are not giving away a free trip there without a bunch of BS that goes with it. That piece of paper went directly in the trash which is where I will probably place the one for Great Wolf Lodge after reading so much on the Internet about how much of a scam the whole thing is. So there's my story. I got suckered in to take their time wasting tour and walked away. With a couple of things a was promised, but no where near what they made it out to be initially. They desperately need change their tactics because all the whole ordeal did for my husband and me was know that we would NEVER EVER give any more money to those crooks and we intend to tell many people we know what our experience was like. I feel very very bad for all of those who got pressured in to actually buying into that awful place, because it seems like the consensus is that it's a really crappy deal. Moral of the story is, unless you live close and don't mind wasting several hours in order to get a few free crappy "gifts" then DO NOT even give those folks the time of day when they hassle you at the mall, conventions, etc. By they way, watch the South Park episode about timeshares called "Asspen" because it is hilarious how spot on they are about the whole ordeal. Good luck to everyone trying to get out of paying these people any more money, I truly hope you can escape them.

1476d6d8, 2013-04-26, 01:22PM CDT

I'm so happy I came to this site before attending the 90 min presentation. Thanks for puting it out there you guys!!

224952e3, 2013-11-10, 05:45PM CST

Sorry to hear you had a bad time. But at any point did you say no? You fail to mention this if you decide to buy that would be your job to pay. It's just like buying a new car if you have done so before you would understand that you can say yes or no but if you sign the payments are yours. I would suggest thinking and not acting on a moment as that seems to be a pattern for you. First buy buy buy then complain complain complain. Please think first

L G., 2013-10-21, 08:11AM CDT

Not buying the positive comments...I think they are probably from employees. I went to a presentation this weekend and have to agree with all the negative posts here. I purposely went to research other people's experiences and am so glad that I didn't agree to anything. It was awful.

cbacce96, 2013-10-21, 10:41PM CDT

My I too fell into this whole scam. The sales rep also followed me all the way to my house just for the check! Even though during the presentation I specifically told the sales rep I was not interested at all and I did not have any checks or money on me to make any type of payment, but they kept insisting. And every time I said "no" his response was "okay, let me just sign off with my manager and we can let you go and get your prize" BUT then he would return again and would not take no for an answer. I am so pissed at how these people do their sales. What was suppose to be a "90 minute" tour turned out to be 5 freaking hours! I was hungry, tired and I wanted to go home but it seemed like every time I said no to the sales rep the LONGER I was there! This makes no sense. I understand its a sales thing but why must they put so much pressure???? Why can't they take no for an answer and move on to the next. And the sales never stop even after you buy the timeshare. Once you are an owner they still call you to attend an "Owner update" and claim its for new owners to learn more information on their unit when in REALITY its ANOTHER HIGH PRESSURE SALES and the same thing happens all over. I dont understand how this timeshare is still in business with so many complaints and unhappy clients, its like it doesnt even matter.I also find it funny how the sales rep say that buying a timeshare is like buying houses and renting them. They lie saying how valuable it is and how you can just sell it when in reality it is not so easy to sell AND you can find these same timeshare selling online for a $1! Why are they allowed to lie! They should be hold accountable for their lies and targeting people that are not wealthy enough to just throw away money. The worst part is is how they bind you to a contract for life making you responsible to make monthly payments (maintenance fees)before and after your timeshare is paid off.

Barbara R., 2014-03-11, 11:08AM CDT

This is a scam. My husband and I got the letter saying we won certain things and we went to the Oak and Spruce in December 2013. We are struggling financially and we both went there with the plan to firmly say no to buying a time share. We said it multiple times when finally they came back and said they could offer us a sampler program where we pay a certain amount of money each month for 18 months and then we could plan a trip to one of their resorts. In February, I started getting calls from Silver Leaf wanting us to spend a weekend at the Oak and Spruce on them. All we had to do was attend a 90 minute meeting. Well we did, this past weekend. Our sales rep was surprised that we were called out so quickly. Come to find out, the Sampler Program requires us to upgrade to another program within 16 weeks (from when we signed the paperwork in December). As it turns out the rep from December was not supposed to offer us the sampler program. We were still harassed about upgrading but this time we really put our foot down. After we left, we started discussing what we remembered from the December meeting and neither of us remember being told we had to upgrade within 16 weeks. If they had, we would have continued to say no to the program. I just checked the paperwork we signed and no where on it does it say anything about upgrading within 16 weeks. Thankfully they have only taken two months payment from us. We are going to fight them tooth and nail.

I also want to mention that the unit we had at the Oak and Spruce was awful. The carpet is coming up, which is a hazard. The televisions are outdated. There is no internet service in the room. I don't know if that's how it is in all the resorts but I do know other resort properties have internet in the rooms. If Silverleaf wants to compete they should consider upgrading the televisions and have internet in the rooms. I know the concept of resorts is to have activities that families can do outside but there are going to be days when the weather isn't going to cooperate. Today's kids, and plenty of adults like going on the internet, even if its just to find a place to eat. I would also like to say that the Oak and Spruce only has a grill on property, no restaurants. Sure they have a list of places at the front desk and yes we can go on line in the main lodge but I would much rather have computer access in my room.

Lastly, I find it interesting that there are more complaints about Silverleaf than there are good comments. Makes you wonder doesn't it

56980cd1, 2014-10-11, 01:22AM CDT

Silverleaf is the biggest scam ever, especially the Piney Shores Resort. I set up a payment plan and they call me on my phone and at my job. I have had this timeshare for at least 2 years and I have yet to be able to use it. I'm sick and tired of being harassed. Are there any lawsuits pending against these cut throats? I would be interested in joining I've been trying to sell this thing or get rid of it for years. They've been stringing me along telling me I will be able to get rid of it but to no avail.

Free W., 2014-12-19, 09:46AM CST

I have used Silverleaf so many times in the past two (2) years since joining as well as the RCI network to go to Orlando, Vermont and stay at the Connecticut shore for the week. RCI is the real reason I chose to sign up with Silverleaf.

I think they are afraid to mess with me and my level of usage; I milk the Bonus time and I am an attorney.

I agree that it is probably not worth it if you only vacation once a year, but for those who travel more frequently it is a steal.

Angelica C., 2015-03-19, 01:48PM CDT

I got a call as well about 2 hours ago and I am extremely glad I did not attend! Thanks for all of yall's comments!

fbc1f422, 2016-01-13, 03:07PM CST

Cancellation for own experience is the better way , my parents were scammed by a mexican resort months ago, timeshare business is very tricky , on the web i found this blog with many good articles mention about timeshare scams,resorts blacklist,and many other good artcicles useful to know,hope can be useful for you and good luck and stay sharp

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