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Product: Car Auto Dealer

Company: Windy City Motorsports

Location: 627 Estes Avenue
Schaumburg, Il, 60193, US


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Do not Buy Cars From Windy City Motorsports in Schaumburg , Illinois . I recently Purchased a 2001 Porsche 911 996 Carrera From them Online and what I received was a piece of junk that it wasnt worth nothing , BEWARE Of Gary , The guy seems to be a really nice guy on the Phone and will tell you plenty of lies about the conditions of the cars they will try to sell you , Not even half of the Information he described was accurate or True and once you receive the car , their phones go dead , No answer and no replys , Im located in Miami ,After they told me that the car was like brand new and in Mint excellent condition when I received the Car the first thing I noticed was the Cheap Overspray paint over the Front Bumper and Hood , The Battery was dead on the car ,Wouldnt even start , The Tires where super low on pressure and when I finally was able to start the car I heard a loud ticking Noise on the engine , after further inspection I had a Certified Porsche Tech look at the car and confirmed my worst fear , A BLOWN ENGINE , He told me that he was sure they knew the car had a blown engine as the noise in the engine was really loud and that they probably put a dead battery on the car on Purpose so I couldnt hear the engine before the Car delivery carrier was gone . After Numerous calls and attemp to resolve the problem , Gary was nowhere to be found and again phones went dead . BEWARE Of this SCAM ARTISTS , The sell Expensive Cars that are not in the Condition as advertised , Im now stuck with a 2001 Porsche that will cost me more than $4,000.00 in repairs. BEWARE OF WINDY CITY MOTORSPORTS IN SCHAUMBURG IL , DO NOT BUY CARS FROM THEM ONLINE , GO AND CHECK THE CAR IN PERSON , YOU WILL BE SURPRISED TO FIND OUT THAT THE "CARS" THEY SELL ARE NOT CLOSE TO THE CONDITION THAT THEY ADVERTISE TO BE , ALSO CHECK CARFAX ON YOUR OWN AND NOT FROM WHAT THEY SAY . I HOPE THIS COMPLAINT HELP ANYONE THAT WANTS TO DEAL WITH THIS SCAMMERS !!!


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2ce9ff79, 2008-11-30, 12:06AM CST

They did the exact same thing to a relative of mine. Almost all body panels on the vehicle had been off and reinstalled very poorly with terrible gaps and paint. Uni-body was damaged and it had a clean Carfax but came back with auction announced frame damage on AutoCheck. Battery was dead on delivery as well and the vehicle could not be started till after the delivery driver was long gone. At first they were unwilling to work with him but after some legal help they took the vehicle back. Their cars are terribly misrepresented and are cheap auction finds in reality.

0086d265, 2008-11-30, 09:15PM CST

It doesnt surprise me to see this comments about this crappy dealer, A good friend of mine bought a BMW From them , the car was advertised as in EXCELLENT MECHANICAL Condition and it was not , the car needed a lot of maintenance work, Tires where completely worn Out , The Battery of the car didnt even belong to the car, the brake pads where worn out , the car also was advertised that it had a clean CARFAX And after some Investigation the BMW Was crashed and repainted with a really Poor body work, My friend sold the car but he loose a lot of money ,I will Not recommend anyone Windy City Motorsports

d8b2d6bf, 2009-09-10, 01:22PM CDT

This complaint has been brought to our attention by prospective buyers over the past year. We had not felt it necessary to respond until now because most people told us that they felt that the accusations seemed a bit extraordinary. I am not going to start trying to defend our side in this matter, but I will say that we have changed some of our operations here to protect not only our customers but ourselves as well. Given that most of our customers buy our cars "sight unseen", we now offer independant local inspections which we encourage primarily on the cars with higher miles that are more than 5-7 years old. We also welcome outside inspection companies to come here and inspect as well. When a car is shipped from our showroom, we now have a sheet that the transport driver must fill out and sign before he can load the car. The sheet covers such items as: Did the car need a jump start to run, any smoke on startup, are all tires inflated properly...then we take a quick road test with one of our staff behind the wheel. On the road test, we have them answer the following questions: Exact miles, any warning lights on dash...if so, which ones, any noticeable mechanical issues or noises. This form is filled out and signed by the driver. We will either fax or email this to the new owner immmediately with the drivers name and cell number. In addition to this change, we have also added a total of three cell phone lines and a main office phone line and two email addresses as contact information so that there is NEVER an issue with getting a hold of someone. Any voice mails and emails will be returned within twenty four hours.

My partner and I are very proud of what we have built over the past 19 years. We were pioneers in this type of business model for used car sales. It has worked pretty well in that it saves buyers from high markups and allows us to sell more inventory at fair prices and although the market keeps changing and our competition has grown exponentially, our business is as strong as it has ever been and our relationships with customers both in th US and Overseas remains strong. Being that Dan and I are both fathers, myself having a child with special needs, we understand human compassion and have no desire to have an unhappy customer ever. That being said, I think it is importatnt to point out that used cars are man made machines that can and do break. Even if you have a car inspected, it can still have issues spring up soon after. We will ALWAYS give an honest opinion of what a car needs at the time of sale. We test drive each and every car to get a feel for what may be needed, and if anything is, we take care of it or disclose it in the ad. I can also say that with thousands of cars having been sold by us, I can count on one hand the customers that we have not been able to satisfy...I wish that there were none, however, some people have unrealistic expectations...we've all encountered people like this.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We will always be happy to supply references from current customers...especially the ones that were skeptical after having read this complaints board post and are now part of our extensive and growing customer base.

Thanks again,

Gary Grossman

Windy City Motorsports

5e3a1d7d, 2011-01-01, 04:08PM CST

I bought a 2002 Brabus E55 from Windy City Motorsports at a very good price. Dan gave me all the time I wanted to check out the car. I had a few concerns and negotiated. When buying a used car you have to realize it will have some wear but overall the car was solid so I went for it. I have a Passport G-Tech and the Benz rips off 4.8 second 0-60 times all day long. It has suprised more than one muscle car. For a fraction of the cost I have supercar performance. Both Dan and Gary treated me right and I would buy from them again.

89f87ac6, 2011-01-27, 10:44AM CST

They beat me also...I bought a porsche, only to find out it was a wreck..I am 6000.00 into repairs,and no end in sight..I hope they get whats coming to them

fa45f23f, 2011-03-01, 01:09AM CST

I dont believe a word from the author of the 2002 Brabus E55. It sounds like it was written by Dan and Gary themselves acting like an impartial customer! Riiiight.

9b623350, 2013-04-30, 08:52PM CDT


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