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Posted on Wednesday, September 17th, 2008 at 7:39pm CDT by 7fe86fb1

Product: Automated calling system

Company: Conn's

Location: US

Category: Other

I am a customer of Conn's and have been for over 10 years. I have bought every major appliance I own plus smaller items from Conn's. When I need anything electrical, I go to Conn's before anywhere else.

I am extremely shocked and appalled with the way Conn's has been treating me. After YEARS of never missing one payment on my Conn's accounts, I have begun receiving numerous phone calls from an automated system from Conn's reminding me to make my payment. This wouldn't be so bad if it was once, but is numerous phone calls for several days on every phone number which belongs to me, even if I have already made the payment!

When these phone calls started in August, I called the customer service department to ask why I was suddenly receiving these calls. The representative gave me a stock answer that it was just a simple system set up to remind the customers about payments. He agreed with me when I pointed out my excellent payment history with Conn's and he told me that he'd get the system to stop calling me.

Imagine my surprise when just TWO days after Hurricane Ike badly affected my area, Conn's automated system called every phone I own again 5-7 times each day again. Did they honestly believe that in the middle of recovering from a hurricane my family needed the added burden of dealing with these relentless phone calls?? Again, a one time reminder would have been sufficient, IF they felt the need that you had to it all, which I still cannot comprehend. How about after a natural disaster, you give your automated calling system a rest? Most customers in the area did not even have working phone lines and needed cell phones for other purposes. So, what were they trying to accomplish?

This morning I took the time out of everything else I had to contend with to actually make the payment on my Conn's account immediately just so that Conn's would stop tying up my phones with these relentless reminders. Imagine my disgust, when Conn's called three more times to remind me that my payment is due AFTER I made the payment.

I have just called the customer service number only to be told by the representative that "that's just the way the system is set up..." I asked the representative to please only deal with those customers who are delinquent with payments and leave me alone, again suggesting to call just ONE time if they had to. I told him that I had actually MADE the payment this morning and could he please get the calls to stop? He gave me a verbal shrug and just kept repeating that "that's the way it's set up."---I asked him who could fix it and who I could talk to. He then gave me the number of a "corporate office"---713-676-1153---guess what? It's not a working number. Can I now call and harass Conn's several times a day to "remind" them to give customers working numbers? You'd think a company who could come up with a system who could "speak" my name every time it called, could at least have a working phone number for a corporate office.

I am going to find every public forum I can to let the public know of the insensitive and shameless methods of "getting" money, especially during this trying time. It's bad enough when families are not recovering from life changing disasters, but to have this happen only two days after my family has suffered losses, is trying to reach family members, and is trying to get life back to normal is absolutely unforgivable.

I also feel that tthe system should be "set up" in a much more accommodating manner. It should not call customers who are not delinquent or late with payments and it should not call so many times, for so many days, on so many phone numbers. For heaven's sake, we have NEEDED our phone lines the last three days for more dire purposes. I am sorry I ever did business with them and I am even more sorry that I was such a good customer who gave them all my business and who made my payments on time each month, as I've been given no accommodations for that whatsoever. I've only been harassed.


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8deb21cc, 2010-03-24, 04:13PM CDT

They are harassment to I Planing to get a Small cout aggain them do you wanst to joing me contacme

ea1dd686, 2010-04-15, 08:46PM CDT

Dear Customers,

Conn's would like to resolve your complaint. Please contact us by calling 1-877-358-1252 or via our Customer Support website at Thank you!

darlene p., 2012-10-25, 05:31PM CDT

I have a Haier Dryer that I purchased in 2010 along with a computer and a bedroom set and a washing machine that matches the haier dryer. Well the dryer that I am still paying for is no good. The washer is just fine and has not given me any problems. I had the dryer repaired in 2011 and twice already in 2012. I feel like the dryer is defective and /or the parts and I would like the dryer replaced. I just had a thermostat placed on my dryer in June and no it has gone out again 10/22/12 that's only 4 months again. I really need a break from this as it is beginning to Stress me out!I did not purchase another warranty and if I did it would be the same thing, the dryer keeps breaking.. That Haier dryer is not a good product and is causing me to have a Bad Customer Experience with your company. Can someone in upper management that has any "Conn Values" please find a resolusion to my on going every 4-6 months issue. Sincerly Darlene Pierre 713-204-3770

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