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Posted on Tuesday, September 16th, 2008 at 3:15am CDT by 8dc36174

Product: Cigarrettes

Company: Silver Cloud Smoke Shop

Location: SCSS, P.O. Box 7130
Albuquereque, NM, 87194, US


Category: Other

I have an ongoing monthly order with Silver Cloud Smoke Shop in which $77.76 is directly withdrawn from our bank account. They, as usual, sent an order processing notice by email on August 28, 2008. I then recieved this normal notice;

"This email is to let you know that your recent order (id:VRFD2E0069F8) with Silver Cloud Smoke Shop has been processed and is due to be shipped today 09/02/2008.

If you have any questions, please respond to this email at [email protected]"

The money was withdrawn from our account.

I am home to recieve deliveries, and am fairly certain that I did not miss the delivery. There were no pick-up notices from the post office.

I wrote Silver Cloud sales and stated the problem on Sept. 10th to which I recieved no reply. I called then several times but their mailbox was full and I couldn't leave a message.

I then wrote their '[email protected]' email address on Sept. 15 in the a.m. and again had no reply.

This happened once before last year, however they responded immediately to my inquiry, and informed me of a computer glitch which required customer contact to resolve. They have otherwise been consistent and dependable. It may be the fault of the post office, but I have no evidence of this. The fact that I am unable to contact Silver Cloud points in their direction. Our low fixed income makes this whole situation especially hard on us.


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80d031e9, 2008-09-22, 03:00PM CDT

I have the same problem - but it's $194. They were raided by the ATF for not paying sales tax. ATF confiscated their computer and shut them down. I don't know how to get my money back. Found this info onine via a New Mexico TV news blog.

de1cedf1, 2008-09-23, 08:53AM CDT

I think there will be alot of people hit by the raid on silvercloud.They definately owe us consumers a refund on unfilled orders paid for, but not recieved.Maybe a lawyer could file a class action suit on our behalf if silvercloud does not see fit to respond and refund our money.

44b71a85, 2008-09-26, 11:18AM CDT

I had the same problem. I went to my bank and they blocked any future payments from Silver Cloud. They also refunded my last two payments as a disputed charge. It cost me $25 to do this, but I just got my notice from silvercloud that my payment method failed today so there will be no more payments taken out.

As an IT guy I can imagine that they had their servers confiscated, but their billing is on a third party system. They probably can't stop the billing without the info on the confiscated computers. I would advise cancelling through your bank as this will probably not be cleared up any time soon.

Good Luck!

58e89b96, 2008-10-01, 02:42PM CDT

i'm having the same problem! they took over $300 from my checking account.

969f8095, 2008-10-02, 07:58PM CDT


Today upon checking my banking account I noticed silver cloud has been deducting money from my account every day for the last three days and not only once but THREE TIMES A Day.

I was totally shocked. I have my bank working on it. Everyone should check their accounts@@

626b35ca, 2008-10-05, 03:27PM CDT

Its happening to me too. everyday they take 3 separate payments. its already over $1000.

Please if anyone knows who to contact about this ...please post it!

[email protected]

0ff1ec2f, 2008-10-10, 11:10PM CDT

I too had an ongoing order. When the company took payment and no delivery was made, I filed a dispute with my bank. They should have stopped any future withdrawls. Not so, this over two days they took 7 withdrawls totaling $523.

I wish we had a central site to log our complaints or log our losses. By now what I have heard and seen, it is many many thousands of dollars.

If you have a recurring order, call your bank and have them put a stop payment. Also call FBI, Attorney General in NM and Bureau of Indian affairs.

It might also help if people being ripped off call their local telivision station and the Albequerque TV stations.

There is a website set up called Sun Cloud Smoke Shop. This is also under the same owners as Silver Cloud Smoke Shop. mail address is SCSS at a new PO Box so buyer beware.

b9ecca12, 2008-10-14, 01:11PM CDT

Same thing happened to me and now they are hacking my bank account. I have filed a complaint with the FBI.

8219095b, 2008-10-15, 06:13PM CDT

Silver Cloud Smoke Shop is out of business. Their computer is running wild taking three payments out of checking accounts every other day. Change your checking account number.

f141ff95, 2008-10-22, 01:30PM CDT

Same deal here - it was 15 charges of $187.14 before I saw it online - $2,807.10!!! Since I didn't get last month's shipment either, they now owe me almost exactly 3 THOUSAND DOLLARS!

a31df9cf, 2009-01-11, 01:25PM CST

I was also "ripped off" by Silver Cloud in August. I sent 3 emails to them with no response, attempted calling only to find the mailbox full and then resorted to filing a complaint with the New Mexico Attorney General's office. I sent all of the required paper work with receipts and copies of my bank statements but have never received a response from them either. Anyone have any suggestions on what the next course of action should be? I think a class action law suit should be filed against these people - it gives all of the Indian cigarette web sites a bad rap and makes the consumers very leary of attempting to make any further purchases with them!

0187f014, 2009-10-21, 11:41AM CDT

I am a tribal member of San Ildefonso with deep concerns. The owners of Silvercloud, were for years, comitting this scam and using the integrity of the People from the reservation. It is very embarassing to have these individuals say they represent the tribe, all the while, adding to the corruption and extortion this scam has set, pouring over to jeopardize the principles which our culture teaches. Meanwhile, nationally creating a media frenzy to paint a negative picture to question the forthright of this culturally sound community.

I, for one, do not consider Paul Rainbird as a tribal leader. This was also a scam to authorize him among others as a tribal authorities. As for the profits of the smoke shop there were never any taxes paid on them and nothing provided back to the community despite what some sources might say. If you have missed some literature:, .

Despite debates on right or wrong this has brought immense conflicts within the community. In recent community meetings there has been nothing said about the proven scandal. The tribal government seems they are trying to avoid any confrontation.

I am writing to express remorse for the people who've been taken from this scandal. I have info for your disorders

I do suggest on regarding other government agencies as well. The owner of Silver Cloud is Mr. Paul Rainbird. Mr. Rainbird is the 1st Lt. Gov. of the



Route 5, Box 315-A

Santa Fe, NM 87506

Phone [505] 455~2273

Fax [505] 455~7351

1st Lt. Gov. Paul Rainbird

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