Verizon Wireless - Verizon Wireless Rip-Off Scam

Posted on Monday, September 15th, 2008 at 11:16pm CDT by d08cb441

Product: Verizon Wireless

Company: Verizon Wireless

Location: 26935 Northwestern Hwy Ste 100
Southfield, Mi, 48033, US

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Back in April 2008, I signed up for a "free 30-day trial" of Verizon broadband to use strictly for internet access, which I was told was available in my area. I received the equipment and within a day discovered that I'm just outside the coverage area for broadband and so this solution would not work for me for internet access.

I promptly returned the equipment the same week (well within the 30 free trial) along with a signed letter requesting that they close the account. I did it that way because it is impossible to get a human being at Verizon on the phone and they don't include a "close my account" option in their phone menu.

I continued getting bills for the account, progressively higher each month. I talked to them on the phone no less than 3 times, explained that I verified with the post office that the equipment was delivered to them on 04/22/08, well within the 30 day free trial (they "lost" it). They continued to rack up charges, continued to send me bills and relentlessly called multiple times every day.

I wrote yet ANOTHER letter, explaining in detail all that had transpired and included copies of my first letter to them AND a copy of the receipt from the post office proving the date the package was delivered to them. I explained that they were trying to charge me for a SERVICE THEY COULD NOT PROVIDE, and that if they didn't clear the balance off my account and close it immediately, I would file formal complaints with both the BBB and MPSC.

These idiots are not only still sending me bills (to the tune of $322 now), but I just learned they have reported it to the credit agencies, which is going to royally screw me, as I am attempting to refinance my home!

Next stops...BBB, MPSC, lawyer.

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3ee2f98d, 2008-12-28, 12:45AM CST

you should have read your contract that you signed when you got the wireless card. it clearly shows on the contract and on the bottom of your purchase reciept. This is not a free 30 day trial. you have the option to return the device within 30 days without having an early termination fee. this is so you are not locked into a contract before you know if the service is going to work for you. You will still be charged for your usage though. usage should be charged by day. so if you kept the device for 10 days and its 59.99 a month, divide 59.99 by 30 and then multiply that by however many days you had the device. this is what you owe for usage. Nowhere in your contract did it say anything about a 30 day free trial. its called a 30 day worry free guarantee. that way your not held to a contract before knowing if your going to keep it. The fact that you blame verizon wireless for being charged for your usage because you assumed that it was a 30 day free trial is just retarded. you do also realize that writing a letter to cancel your service will just cause you to get charged for the days that letter is sitting in the mail and the time it takes for someone to read it and process the request. pay your bill and learn to be a smart consumer in the future and you shouldn't have these problems. Maybe next time you'll read the things you sign. Its always a good idea. no one to blame but yourself

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