Chevron Car Wash and Quick Lube at Eastlake - Arrogant Carwash

Posted on Monday, September 15th, 2008 at 5:11pm CDT by d2ec4750

Product: Carwash

Company: Chevron Car Wash and Quick Lube at Eastlake

Location: 950 Eastlake Pkwy
Chula Vista, CA, 91914, US

Category: Other

I brought my car in to be washed after noticing that vandals had thrown eggs on it. On checking in, the order person told me that eggs were hard to remove, so I asked him if they were going to be able to get it off. He said yes, and said we could send it through again if needed. When it came out, it was not clean. My wife asked if they could do anything, and everyone played ignorant until she asked to speak to a manager. When the "manager" came up, he was rude and simply said "we're not washing it again" and walked away. We confronted him and said we would file a complaint and all he said was "go ahead" and just turned and walked away.

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51ace4a1, 2008-09-15, 10:19PM CDT

Next time you can wash the car yourself.

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