Burger King - Rude treatment

Posted on Saturday, September 13th, 2008 at 3:12pm CDT by 63d33bfd

Product: Burger King

Company: Burger King

Location: Burger King US 41 Hwy Ishpeming, Mi
Ishpeming, Mi, 49849, US

Category: Other

I stoped at the Ishpeming, Mi. burger King to get some sandwitches and fries from the local Burger King. The order process went fine with a newer older woman at the window. Once I pulled around to the window and paid my $25.16 for my order the cashier asked me to pull a head so she could give the 2 cars behind me there food first. I politly said no I am here and just paid for my food I should be given my order first.The cashier told the much younger woman in the red shirt her name is Lynne. that I said I would not pull a head so the other 2 cars could get there food first. Lynne said from in front of the frie station loud enough for me to hear her say "Its not that hard to pull ahead" I told the cashier that its not that hard to get me my order either. This Lynne worker in the red shirt said she couldnt hear me and told me to shut up. I told her that I as a customer dont deserve such treatment for wanting my food first seeing that I had placed my order before the 2 cars behind me. She (Lynne) kept going on about me letting the others get there food first and I told her to just give me back my $25.16 and I would give here back the 4 sodas that I was given and I would go to McDonalds instead. I also told her that I know the manager of this franchise and that I was going to register a complaint with management over this treatment. She (lynne) got my $25.16 out of the till and I gave her the 4 sodas. as I was leaving the lot I was about 15 feet past the window she sticks her self half way out the window and yells loudly so every one pumping gas at the Holiday gas station next door could her "dont ever come back here" now the other problem I have here is I called the district Managers number and she didnt answer, as well as there isnt anyway to complain online to Burger King management. I have seen better web sites from lesser companies.

I called the Marquette Mi office to get Jen the DM's phone number. I did explain to pam a little bit of what happened, but in full detail as I know she was going to call Lynne and find out what happened, and to give her a heads up....as I said I know the manager I will talk to him when I see him next week....

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52af8303, 2009-02-19, 09:42PM CST

You must think you are so special. People have to wait for their orders all the time. Maybe they were waiting on fries and at 25.16 your order must have been large. You should have just done what they said instead of holding up the other customers behind you. There is no reason why they can't quickly place their orders while you wait a couple minutes for your food to arrive.

But no instead you got an attitude about it. I'm glad that they gave it back to you and I doubt the manager will do anything about it.

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