Complaint - American Home Shield

Posted on Saturday, September 13th, 2008 at 12:36am CDT by fd2b1ba0

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Location: US

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To Every Homeowners & Real Estate Agents:

I am writing to complain about American Home Shield. I recently had a contract with them this year and I will discontinue this year because they do not hold up to their end of their contracts. I called for my very first service call for a simple leak for my hot/call water dispenser. They refused to fix/replace it because my husband tried to stop the leak by shutting off the valve and accused thay he tried to fix it and therefore it is not wear and tear. We called and complained that if it was not wear and tear then why the water leaked all over my under sink cabinet. They suggested us to put it back so the 2nd opinion can see where the leak was. When the 2nd opinion came they turned around and said since it was put back together they will not cover it. Both times the contractor spent 5 minutes just to look at then signed off. Their contractors do not know what they are doing and they will denied your claim using every reason. I recently called Sears get an estimate and the technician just said that all they have to do is to replace the valve. I later talked to a few homeowners and many of them heard how unprofessional and rude and they are (AHS)simply just crook. Please spread the words as many people as you can to put them out of business. THINK TWICE BEFORE YOU DECIDE TO SIGN UP WITH THEM. DON'T BE ANOTHER VICTIM. I will file a complaint with Better Business Bureau.


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