TLG*COOLEXTRAS - Scams taking money out of my account alot of them

Posted on Friday, September 12th, 2008 at 4:39am CDT by 726bed9d


Location: US

Category: Unauthorized Charges

I try to check my bank account on line every other week and every time i see stuff taken out of my checking account. This time it was from 866-584-2461 TLG*COOLEXTRAS took 11.95 out of my account.

Man i hate these people that cheat and scam others i have worked hard all my life. never cheated anyone or stole from anyone if i did this to someone I couldn't live with my self.

Some other other places i have had to fight with recently Homeplay-v they took 181.00 over 3 months. i called and made a stink and the stopped taking the money out and and sent me a form to fill out and they would consider refunding my money. I reported these guys to the FBI internet crime department. And my bank. When i called home play I asked the how they was able to take money out of my account and they said I went to and bought stuff and somewhere in the transaction i had signed up. what a bunch bull. I guess you cant do anything these days with out being cheated. took 110.00 out of my account i called and made a stink and they stoped taking the money out and refunded all the money.


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