Walmart, Flea World Just to Name A Few - Rude People All Around Me!

Posted on Friday, September 12th, 2008 at 10:39am CDT by c458eec9

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Company: Walmart, Flea World Just to Name A Few

Location: Apopka, Fl, US

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The dates are off, but then again my complaint is on going..I moved to Florida last year and I do love it here, but the people are rude as very first full day in Florida I was taken to Flea World as I was walking along a Man came up behind me so close I thought he was going to crawl up my back before I could tell him to back off me he shoves around me nearly knocking me over..I am only 5'3" and was outweighed by at least 200lbs. I snapped loudly rude ass..he turned looked at me offered no apologies just walked away..about 30 minutes later a large Woman carrying a huge suitcase for a purse swings the purse around to put it on her shoulder striking me with it I cried out in shock and pain then looked at her expecting an apology and to my surprise she was actually looking at me like I was suppose to apologize to her I was a two feet away from her so I was not up her butt so that wasn't the problem..I hissed excuse you she glared at me snorted then walked away..after being bumped into and shoved to the side time and time again I told my Partner "let's go" I angrily complained about rude people all the way to the car and I was loud..I was bruised and even angrier by the time we Partner keeps telling me there are rude people all over not just here..I pointed out where I'm from people don't blatantly knock you down or try to and walk away..we stopped at Walmart to get a few things on our way out the door a Man came up behind me with a shopping cart maybe two bags inside so it wasn't too heavy for him to control yet every step he took he was barreling toward me I kept stepping to the side trying to avoid getting hit..finally I turned and asked him nicely to move his cart over the other way..he gave me a dull eyed stare then proceeded to knock into me with the cart..I went off on him and he just walked away like nothing happened!!

It's not just the stores either it's fastfood chains..there's one close to where we live..the workers throw food at Woman neglected to give us eating utencils (I guess her belief was we were suppose to eat our chili with our fingers) I walked up and asked nicely for two spoons she without looking picked up two plastic wrapped spoons and threw them on the counter..I informed her one was open and could I have a sealed one and she gave me a dirty look and said "it's clean" she then turned her back to me and began talking with another worker so I reached over the counter grabbed a sealed spoon from the box and walked away..before we left we complained to the Manager and once again the dull eyed stare!! Another time we stopped at a BBQ place and attempted to order take out at the drive thru..we were told abruptly "one min." no hello welcome to so and so just one minute please or can you please wait for one min. we are very busy.. just a blunt "one minute"..we sat for 20 minutes waiting to order..finally giving up we drove elsewhere..another time we drove to McDonalds for burgers we were in our Friends truck..there's a Woman who works there who has a crush on her..we ordered including the usual meal for our Friend..she rushed to the window to give us our food hoping to see our Friend..when she saw us the green eyed monster of jealousy reared it's ugly head and we got our food thrown at us..rude people, wrong food, slow servers and order takers, rude hellions that the so called Parents have no control over..rude rude far the nicest person we have come across works at "Steak And Shake" she knows what our usuals are, she's always polite even when she has a bad day..and guess what she gets a big tip everytime we go in there..I swear the next time someone hits me with a buggy that person will have to get it surgically removed!!


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c458eec9, 2008-09-15, 01:54PM CDT

It happened again..we were at Walmart looking at toys there was a Guy standing beside Partner and I were looking at a barbie doll for my Nieces Birthday..this large Woman walks toward us there wasn't room for her to pass me so I moved as far over as I could the Man did not move one she pushes between us then purposely shoves me to the side I nearly fell over I yelped "fat bitch" she spun around and before she could say anything I stood straight (btw I am short only 5'3", but I am from the South and I was pissed off) and hissed why the f**k did you shove me I moved to the side asshole there didn't even budge an inch why not shove his stupid lazy ass?..his jaw dropped and she stormed off..I glared at him and said "go ahead say something stupid" he walked away really quick! Later, as we are walking to the exit a Guy comes up behind me and I guess I wasn't walking fast enough because he used his shoulder to push me out of his way..another time we were sitting waiting for a parking space and this Guy in a smaller car squeezed past us and stole our parking space, let's just say the camera angles aren't that great and that asshole ended up with four flat tires when we left the store he was ranting and raving about his tires..another time this person parked his car taking up part of a parking space we needed, we slipped our car into the space anyway, sadly for him he parked close to a light pole so he couldn't get in the passenger door and because we parked our car in what should have been our space to begin with he couldn't get in the drivers door..I should add it was a two door car..we went inside took our time eating and shopping and when we came outside that moron was pacing behind his car talking on his cell baby took out her keys smiled real big and as he comes up he begins ranting and raving about not being able to get in his car she said calmly "who parked the wrong way asshole me or you" he frowned as he looked at his car then said "so why park beside me..why not park somewhere else" that's when my baby lost it she narrowed her eyes and said "listen d**k l**k you do not own this parking lot just because you want to protect your precious paint job or you just are incapable of parking like a normal person doesn't mean others have to suffer for it..I parked this way because you asshole chose to park that way..btw shit for brains my car is not over any lines..yours is!" he smirked and said "ok smart ass how are you going to get in your car?" she smiled even wider and said "the same way I got out dumb shit" she proceeded to squeeze in on the passenger side she then started our car pulled out enough so I could get in then to further punish the moron she pulled back into the parking space shut off our car and we began going through our bags and the receipt..we found a mistake and also found we forgot a few things so she let me out of the car then she squeezed back out we went back inside after of course I took down his license plate number..just incase! when we returned he was even redder in the face then before we gave him sickly sweet smiles got back in our car then took our own sweet time sorting through a few things..placing things in their correct locations I opened our drinks we saluted the now furious beyond words moron as he opened his mouth my baby rolled down her window and said "go ahead say something stupid..we can and will go back in the store we have all night and I'm off work tomorrow and this Walmart is open 24 hours" we finally pulled out and headed home..I just hope he learned his lesson..but somehow I doubt it!!

c458eec9, 2008-09-24, 02:20PM CDT

Ok last 2 straws..I was walking home with 2 armfuls of groceries..unable to see what was in front of me I tripped over a tree limb laying on the sidewalk..I actually fell on my face dropping my groceries (thank God nothing breakable was in the bags)I skinned my knee and the palms of both hands really bad, a Man in his mid to late 30's was behind me walking..did he stop to ask if I was ok?, did he stop to help me pick up my bags?..hell no, he made a point of looking away from my direction actually stepped off the sidewalk to avoid me completely he walked around me and continued on..well, I guess I could be happy he walked around me and didn't walk across me..another Man stopped his car got out and helped me pick up my bags I said thank you then the sob tried to grab my purse..I aimed well and he let go jumped in his car and sped away..Thank God we are planning on moving!!

c458eec9, 2008-12-03, 12:38PM CST

In the past I loved shopping at Walmart, but black friday taught me a valuable lesson only crazed maniacal people shop at Walmart..I spent approximately 1 hour in Walmart watching wide eyed as shoppers fought, stole from, cursed and threatened each other! Two Women got into a fight over a dog bed..never mind it was not on sale and there was 6 more beds the same color and size on the shelf..I watched another shopper steal a Womans cart while she was busy looking at childrens jackets...I watched two women fighting over Hannah Montana dolls and cds! A male shopper ran between me and a shelf which had the very last copy of a movie I wanted he grabbed the dvd as I was reaching to pick it up..the ass actually laughed as he ran off with the dvd yelling "I GOT THE LAST ONE I GOT THE LAST ONE" I found the same movie at Kmart later that day he paid $13 I paid $5 I call that divine justice!!

Sadly, that behaviour was everywhere not just here in Florida..elsewhere an innocent Man was killed by a crazy Walmart crowd ....his crime?? He was opening the doors to the store..they actually tore the doors off the hinges...had I been the Manager I would have ordered the doorway be closely guarded by armed Cops and no one else allowed one allowed to enter and no one allowed to leave..videos would have been viewed the Customers inside would all be herded into one area and using the videos that Mans killers would have been cuffed on the spot and hauled away!! A little 13 year old Girl was punched in the throat coz she got a coveted XBox and a Man a grown Man decided that was not fair..had I been her Mother or Father I would have stomped his ass then had him cuffed then I would have stomped his ass word on her condition and no word on an arrest..also a pregnant Girl was taken to the Hospital because of a Walmart crowd she and her baby are doing just fine..if you were a part of such actions or similiar actions on black friday then you should be ashamed!! I hope this is the last black friday that's allowed to take with any special priviledge if you abuse it you lose it..and the above actions were definitely abuse of the black friday priviledge!

46bd9bb9, 2009-01-04, 01:24AM CST

That was funny! You should move to another state in the south. I didn't know Floridians were so nasty!!!

c458eec9, 2009-01-26, 03:50PM CST

Our next stop is going to be Georgia..wish us luck!!

64073f3b, 2012-06-21, 02:18PM CDT

Hoodlum dykes. I don't seem to encounter all these rude people you do. Sounds to me like you two are just looking for trouble. Grow up.

c458eec9, 2013-06-28, 06:56PM CDT

Got news for ya dicklick our straight friends talk about the rude and stupid people here more then we do and they have more then their fair share of run answer me this dumber then a box of rocks why the insult?..feeling a little threatened by our lifestyle??

or are you one of the rude and stupid people we are talking about?? Come on be honset you are arent you?? That would explain why your post lacked intelligence..Got news for ya skippy you don't encounter those people because you are one of those people!!

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