BEST Movers & Packers Service is horrible

Posted on Friday, September 12th, 2008 at 6:56am CDT by 40a32d43

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I have transferred my house hold items from Chandigarh to Bangalore.

My luggage was loaded on 15th March, 08 & I was promised that it will be delivered on 21st March, 08.

On the day of the loading around 8 people came packed in 3 hours all the items. Also, started marking all the packed items.

Immediately after some time all the people went to some other place. As told to me they will be coming back in 2-3 hours. They came back in night only with truck. My whole day gone in waiting for them. They started loading the truck & told me it is the same truck which will reach Bangalore.

The small items which remained in the last where not even marked.

Following are the problems which I have faced:-

1) I didnt get even a single call from Chandigarh office when the truck will start & reach Bangalore.

2) Tried calling Bangalore office even they told they are not aware until the truck reaches Bangalore.

3) Luggage was delivered on 27th march, 08. As I have planned accordingly the date committed by the Chandigarh office, I have to take additional leave from office on 27th March, 08. For 1 week I have to stay with my family in guest house from 21st march to 27th march

4) The entire luggage was shifted to new truck & one glass scenery worth Rs 1500/- got damaged. This was special scenery with three layers of glass which is not available in Bangalore.

5) Besides this I lost one crockery set, one full bedding luggage, one small table.

6) When truck came at my place the driver insisted that I have to call the unloading people from my expense which was clear only after making call to Chandigarh office.

7) The people from Bangalore office came after 4 hours to unload the luggage. Only 3 guys came.

8) When asked for missing items & scenery glass items they told they are not responsible for this.

9) One more partys luggage was loaded in the same truck along with the chemical bags. To my discover I have to open other partys luggages & I found my house hold items.

10) Few other items where given our number provided to us. As we didnt accepted these items as they dont belong to us.

11) I didnt gave Rs 3000/- to Bangalore office. Only after opening my luggage I realized my bedding luggage is also missing.

12) I was told by Bangalore office that it took whole day to unload my luggage. How come I am responsible for that?

13) Guys who came for unloading where told to pick my house hold items if I dont pay them.

14) Our apartment stairs & walls are also damaged. Few marks have also come up on the bed & almirah.

Next day only I got a call from Chandigarh office asking why I have paid this much? Bangalore office people called me after 1 month & told my scenery is ready with single layer of glass which I dont want to accept.

Now my main concern is whom I should approach for all these problems which I have faced.

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2e438a5a, 2009-09-17, 05:58AM CDT

I also used best movers and packers to relocate from Pune to ghaziabad. Most of the boxes came in opened state, wooden furniture was broken, still waiting for more than 10 items. Its already 2 weeks and no delivery. The staff is very impolite. No sesne to talk to customers, very rude and if you call them and ask for why the shipment is in bad state, they switch off the phones.

I will never ever suggest anyone to use their service. Better to load your stuff in hired truck and ride with it but NEVER use Best (Worst) movers and packers.

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