- won't honor payment method

Posted on Friday, September 12th, 2008 at 6:59am CDT by cd36790c

Product: Samsung 52 LCD TV


Location: Seattle, Wa, US


Category: Other

I placed an order with for the tv and selected the electronic check method of payment on August 27, 2008. Amazon received an authorization from Telecheck, but cancelled the transaction. After contacting customer service I replaced the order on the 28th and the same thing happened again. Their reason was that my bank would not validate my billing address. I contacted my bank (small local bank) and they had received no inquiry from Amazon. I went on working with customer service at Amazon until yesterday- we added notes that provided the proper phone number for my banks, the manager's names, and after almost 3 weeks of cancelled orders Amazon finally told me they weren't actually doing anything because they were a global company and didn't have time to mess with these things. I feel that if they aren't going to honor a payment method for purchases of a certain amount, then don't offer it or at least be honest with the consumer and tell them to take their business elsewhere.


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