American Airlines - 4 hours turned into 14

Posted on Friday, September 12th, 2008 at 1:19am CDT by e5598012

Company: American Airlines

Location: US


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It was 2pm and I was just getting to JFK for my flight that was supposed to be at 3:55pm. I figured finally I get to have my vacation to a start and my flight was supposed to have a stop in between meanng it should take 4 hours total to arive at SJU puerto rico and I was ready for that extra hour.When I went to check in they told me that my flight had been changed for the earlier time of 1pm with out any notice. They claimed to have sent an email and I have never found it.Its hard to believe they did send it I have a blackberry that delivers them straight daily and if by chance my blackberry wouldn't have It wasn't in the trash or the spam folder.They rescheduled it for 7 pm at gate41 which meant 5 hours of waiting for our flight. So I got a few magazines and some luch and tried to make the best of the 5 hours at the airport. I had been driven there and had no car to spend time else where.Finally 5pm came and I was hoping that I would make it by midnight to the resort I was booked in so I wouldn't miss a day or have to pay a late fee.When I was boarding gate 41 and they looked at my ID and boarding pass I walked through almost all the way except my boyfriend noticed that the plane there was going to Barcelona spain not P.R. had I got on that plane I probably would be stuck there since I don't own a passport. So we quickly got away from the entrance and showed the the ticket with the same gat # but different flight.So they sent us across to another gate when we got there the screen said it was to depart at 7:30. Then they said the plane was too "hot" and we had to wait for it to cool down. we boarded at about 8:15 pm.That is still not the best of the whole situation. We sat in that plane for an hour without any information then the captain told us that we were on line to depart. He said we started at number 70 to depart and that we were now at number 28. Needless to say we didn't take off till around 11:45am at this point the plane was everything but slow the staff were abnoxious. The food soggy turkey raps and hot beer, it wasn't cheap or discounted either. $30 total for that. We arrived at 3 am making very hard to find a taxi and when we did it charged a late night fee.After paying $100 for the cab we had to deal with late check-in at the resort (a day late thanks to american airlines) I say unless it is a life or death situation will not fly american airlines ever again !!!

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0c27f900, 2008-09-12, 09:25AM CDT

I do not wish to be unrespectful in front of all the hassle you went through and believe me, in my years of travelling, I have had a few horror stories too, including some with American Airlines, who I must admit, after substantiating my claim did give me a decent voucher towards travel.

Just to lighten up a little, I had a Cambodian friend who travelled a lot on North West Airlines, who said that they were a very good value for money airline, because you paid for an 8 hours trip and you got a 13 hours one!! LOL!!

Good luck. Lee.

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