Bennett Glass Co - bad service, dishonest pricing

Posted on Thursday, September 11th, 2008 at 12:28am CDT by 624b0081

Product: replacement double pane window glass

Company: Bennett Glass Co

Location: 532 Howland St
Redwood City, CA, 94063, US

Category: Other

Based on InsiderPages reviews, the ones you see in Google Maps, I took an aluminum double-pane window to Bennett for replacement. They made me stand at the counter while other people came in and got help (buddies on a first name basis). They told me they had to disassemble the window to measure it. They gave me a scrap of paper with a number circled and said that would be the price. So why not just SAY the price? Because the circled number at the bottom of the paper was NOT the price they intended to charge me. Later they pointed out that the numbers above it didn't add up, and I'd have to pay more. This after making me wait half an hour. Then they finally bring out the window, and they DID NOT disassemble it... they cut away some of the plastic trim with a knife so they could measure, but that means now the trim will have to be replaced. By someone else. When I said they either had to honor the magic number they had written down, or I would go elsewhere, they invited me to go elsewhere.

I did. You should too.


6c8a4199, 2008-12-16, 11:52AM CST

In response to the above complaint we would first like it to be known that Bennett Glass is a well known and reputable family owned business that has been serving the San Francisco bay area for nearly fifty years. Our reputation for honesty and integrity is beyond reproach. Secondly we are known for our community involvement with our sponsorship of local youth sports organization and various charities. We are also a leading dealer for many nationally known firms such as the Andersen Window Corporation ,Milgard Manufacturing and Marvin windows to name just a few. Our customer base goes back two and in some cases three generations. For these reasons we need to use this format to defend ourselves from this unfair and unwarranted attack.

The customer who posted this complaint did bring an old aluminum sash to our store for an estimate to repair the glass. There were two sales representatives on the front desk when this customer arrived. After he introduced himself as either the manager or owner of a small apartment building we agreed to look at his window. We have a busy store and he was asked whether he would like to wait for us to prepare the estimate or whether he would he like to return later, he indicated that he would prefer to wait. We informed him that we would have to disassemble the sash to insure proper measurement of the replacement glass and to verify that we had the correct parts. I personally walked his window into the back service bay and asked our technician to please stop what he was doing and look at this item because the customer was waiting up front. He then proceeded to do so. The item this customer presented to us was an older aluminum sash (the moving part of a sliding window ) about twenty years old. This item is nearing the end of its service life and all the screws that joined the frame together were corroded. Our technician sheared off one of the rusted screws during disassemble and immediately set about repairing it. This action caused a delay of about 15 minutes. We did not cut the plastic trim as alleged , This was a window that has been exposed to broiling sun and freezing conditions for quite some time , The plastic parts in question become brittle with age and are very prone to breakage during removal. Despite our best efforts during this process a very small corner piece was broken off.. We had already determined that we had the correct replacement trim in stock and saw no problem installing completely new trim when the new glass arrived from the factory, as this was part of the job anyway. During this time I returned to the front counter and greeted a couple of customers that had recently arrived. Yes, The other sales representative and I did greet them by name and yes, they are buddies. We try to build and maintain a close personal relationship with all our customers and I find it strange that this customer would find it unusual for a storekeeper to know his customers on a first name and personal basis, I surmise that he spends most of his time at the big box, one size fits all stores. But I digress, back to the issue at hand.

Our technician then brought the sash back to the front counter with the dimensions and parts list. I then prepared a written estimate on our informal quote pad, not a scrap of paper. This pad has our logo, address and phone numbers at the top and ruled lines to detail an estimate. As I recall, It was not clear to me whether the customer wanted to just buy the parts and do the work himself, or to have us do the whole job. The estimate was broken down by glass only then by tax, labor and miscellaneous parts. We prepare written quotes to avoid misunderstandings of this kind. The entire quote was itemized, the only magic number was the price for the glass, circled, on the quote,as this was the only taxable item. The customer did not want to pay for the sales tax, labor or miscellaneous parts. When informed of that these charges were part of the total, he became very angry and left the premises. There was no attempt to hard sell or to bait and switch.

The total of this estimate was a little under $100.00.

In conclusion, Could our customer service been better? Yes by informing the customer that the estimate was taking a bit longer than expected. Were we dishonest? Absolutely not. We are not selling snake oil here. We do not resort to deceptive or dishonest sales tactics of any kind, we don't have to. In fact many customers tell us how pleased they are with our service and competitiveness of our pricing. We would have been happy to receive either a personal phone call or visit to discuss this customers concerns and resolve the issues.

9b7c9e49, 2009-11-13, 05:10AM CST

I live in Northern Virginia and bought a house built in 1986 that has two (6 feet tall) Andersen sliding patio windows. The weatherstripping running vertical along the jambs in both of them (three pieces) is worn so I wanted to replace them. That is, three pieces of vinyl adhesive strips for each window. I started this back in July and after multiple phone calls over a period of three months, trying to provide them with all required part identification numbers, dimensions, etc., here we are in November and I still don't have the parts. Their parts people have no clue of their product parts lists. And they toss you around on the phone to others who know even less.

Andersen lost the information given them in August and it was given to them again in Sept. I was charged $570 for six pieces of vinyl strips that I would have guessed cost no more than $10-20 to manufacture. When they arrived, two pieces were not even my order or for my windows. The remainder were defective and were cut too short despite me providing them with the exact lengths needed. Those were returned. Even though I paid for parts that don't apply to my door, they would not issue me a credit for those items. I was charged for them anyway for their mistake. I wrote two letters to the President and CEO of Andersen and sent a copy to their Customer Relations Manager. They completely ignored my letters. I'm still waiting for a response to my letters of complaint. They have no ethics when it comes to pricing of spare parts and appear to have no quality control and the worst product support I've ever encountered.

Like any large corporation I figured the upper management was not aware of what's going on in the trenches but they didn't make any attempt at all to investigate this and just swept it under the rug.

They don't seem to have anyone in the customer service department that knows anything about the products or how to treat a customer. I feel I've been ripped off with excessive price gouging. I could have replaced one whole window set with a new one for the cost of these vinyl strips. I'll never buy an Andersen product and would encourage anyone thinking about it to look for a more reputable supplier. Anyone contemplating having Andersen products in their home should think twice about what's coming down the road when they need service or parts.

Me? I'll never use them again or recommend them to anyone.

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