MARRIOTT HOTELS - Marriott Hotel wont offer advertised rates

Posted on Thursday, September 11th, 2008 at 5:17pm CDT by fb358e65

Product: Marriot Hotels


Location: 55 Fourth Street San Francisco, CA 94103
San Francisco, US


Category: Other

I am staying in the San Francisco Marriott next week - mid-September for a conference I am attending. The conference literature posted a rate of $235 for a single room, available on a first come first serve basis. I called and made reservations in JUNE. I spoke with the hotel reservations, gave them the society name and quoted them the rate. They booked the room for me and gave me a confirmation number. I called this week to change the confirmation and I was told that I never booked it at the show rate and their current rates are $329! I said I had booked it at the lower rate and I booked it months ago. NO ONE would help me. I finally spoke to a Marriott customer service rep who, after putting me on hold for a while, said that since I did not call the CORRECT phone number to book the room, I had not been given the lower rate, and I WOULD not be given the lower rate of $235. The representative said I called the hotel directly and because of this he said he was sorry, but he could not change the rate. I asked if I was speaking with a MARRIOTT representative and he said yes, but reitterrated that since I called the hotel directly to book the room, they would not give me a lower rate. No one explained this to me and no one told me that the hotel would not offer me the advertised rate. Does this make sense to anyone? Its a rate the hotel was offering, but since I called the hotel directly instead of a third party I cant get the rate. And now since the hotel is full for the week, and all the rooms at the "special rate" are full, they wont help me at all. I think this is horrible customer service. I could understand if I had called to make the reservations and all the rooms were booked, but I called in June and the representative that I spoke to did not say I was not getting the lower rate or that she could not provide it to me.


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