Vonage - Lying Vonage Rep

Posted on Thursday, September 11th, 2008 at 11:19am CDT by e41858e5

Product: VOIP

Company: Vonage

Location: US

URL: http://www.vonage.com/

Category: Other

After switching to a cheaper plan where the rep said there was no charges for switching plan, I was double billed for the same month. When called to rectify the matter, the rep said the 2nd charge was for switching plans. Being fed up, they screwed up my billing 3 previous times before, I asked to terminate the service. And was transferred to waiting music that has continued to play for over a full hour. They don't like to pick up the phone when you want to terminate service! How can I terminate vonage out of my life? Their rep are liars! There are many other instances of lies they are told, I don't blame the rep, its the company that trains them to lie!


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