Circuit City - extended computer warranties from Circuit City

Posted on Wednesday, September 10th, 2008 at 3:04pm CDT by 9f779d16

Product: Acer Laptop

Company: Circuit City

Location: La Frontera Shopping Center 200 La Frontera Blvd
Round Rock, Tx, 78664, US

Category: Other

This is the SECOND time I've been screwed over by an extended warranty for a computer from Circuit City. The 1st time was for a desktop. They gave me the run around, it's your ISP, it's your software. Well, it wasn't, it was the hard drive & by the time I knew it, because it gave out completely, the warranty had expired. Now, with the laptop, I found out the guy who sold it to me lied. I didn't want the extended contract, but he said I would get 1 free battery replacement as part of a check up where they would 'tune up' the laptop, which would make it worth it. Turns out, it's only for a defective battery, & the 2 phone calls I've made have told me something different than what my local store told me today. Each person making it harder for me to get coverage. Also, the local store told me all the extended warranty's really good for is a free virus scan, no cleaning up the computer files, etc. like was stated when I bought the computer. What a rip! Don't believe anything they tell you or what they even have in the contract. They will do all they can to give you the run around & weasle out of doing anything for you.


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