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Posted on Wednesday, September 10th, 2008 at 10:48am CDT by cfa46af6

Product: sont 60 inch television

Company: costco

Location: 4901 Gate Parkway
jacksonville, fl, 32246, US


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I purchased a televison from costco 14 monthes ago. The television quit working and i called there customer service. The customer service told me it was under warranty and i had to try to do a bunch of resets. They were unsuccessful, I asked the guy what to do and he said i could try to take it back to the store. I took the next day off from work and hauled the 60 inch television 15 miles to the wharehouse. They told me at the stor that they do not take anything back over 90 days and i should have been told this by customer service. They would not help me. I called customer service back and they said it was their mistake and i had to schedule a service appointment which i did for wednesday which was two days later. I took off work on wednesday and they never showed up. When i finally got someone on the phone the service people said they had to order a part and apologized for not calling me so i could go to work. I paid 2100 dollars for this televison and have used 2 of my vacation days trying to get it fixed or returned with zero help from costco. I will never buy anything from them again and i have dropped my membership

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Sam S., 2010-03-15, 09:27PM CDT

I agree with you. I've just posted my own complaint.

Don't be fooled by Costco's so called Concierge service and extended warranty. They means alsolutely nothing.

I purchased a Samsung flat panel TV from Costco. After 4 months it would not switch on. No power - nothing.

I lugged the TV to the local Costco store only to be told to take it back and call their 'Concierge' service.

After 2 hours (yes - 2 hours) on the phone with technical support, a rep from Samsung (how the heck did they enter into the equation when my contract is with Costco!), and then two managers, I was told that basically I had two options: 1. accept a refurbished unit (are they kidding me?) or 2. send it in for repair which would take a minimum of three weeks (great - so i'll just pick my nose for the next 3 weeks).

I have a brand new TV that's 4 months old and I'm expected to accept a refurbished TV or a repair job? That's just disgusting. As far as I'm concerned, neither is a satisfactory option.

My TV should be replaced or at the very least I should be given a a replacement whilst mine is being repaired.

But no - Costco expect a customer to be without their goods for weeks and they also make you jump through hoops just to get some satisfaction.

Well - they just lost a customer. Suffice to say that I'm cancelling my Costco membership.

I was always under the impression that Costco was a great place to shop and slightly above other stores in terms of its service. That's been proved not to be the case - in fact it's a fool's way of thinking. They're no different to any other store who pass the buck when the going gets tough.

All I can say is Costco's service SUCKS.

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