Sears - Service Smart Protection Agreement

Posted on Wednesday, September 10th, 2008 at 4:36pm CDT by f4ea3120

Product: Whirlpool Washer

Company: Sears

Location: Hoffman Estates, IL, 60179, US

Category: Other

On February 6, 2008 I call to schedule a repair service on my Whirlpool Washer and an agreement was offered to me. We purchased the Service Smart Protection Agreement for our Whirlpool Washer. When the technician arrived I ask my mother to inform the gentlemen to call me and give me an estimate of what this service would have cost to a cash customer without an agreement. He never called; he repaired the washer and left without honoring. I ask my mother to lookup the technician??s phone number on the caller ID so I could call him. When I spoke with the tech he told me there was no way he could have given me a value for my repairs.

At a later date I called the Tech Line to question the technician??s response to my request and they informed me he could have given me an estimate of the cost. At that time they informed me that the repairs where valued at 164.29. During our conversation they referred to my washer as a Kenmore washer, I informed them I didn??t own a Kenmore washer. On December 26, 2005 my husband did purchase a Kenmore washer but I wasn??t satisfied with some of the futures, so we returned this item and purchased the Whirlpool washer on January 6, 2006. I ask the representative that day to cancel the agreement on the Kenmore and transfer title to the Whirlpool after we discuss the value of the agreement and the service protection.

In August 21, 2008 I found out that my agreement had been canceled on 2/27/08 and a credit of 50.70 had been issued to my Corporate American Express Card that I was not aware of until I called for service. I stayed on the phone with a representative for over 45 min and was disconnected and no one called me back to rectify this issue. When I called back I had to start off explaining my situation all over again, so I asked to speak to the person I was talking to and inquired why they didn??t call me back since the call was disconnected they told me it was inbound calling center and not a outbound calling center. I didn??t want to spend another 45 minutes on the phone at 10:30pm.

A technician came on August 25, 2008 had me down a collect/cash customer and my husband showed the technician our Service Smart Protection Agreement, he ordered the part and had it shipped to our home for a future repair date. The same technician came out September 5, 2008 to repair the washer but couldn??t complete the repair, because the agreement was cancelled. I spent over 1hr and ? on the phone with four different customer service representative and one person from National Customer Relations. The final persons that I spoke to was a Dida and Dennie at your San Antonio call center told me everything was taken care of. I asked them did I own them anything before I hung up the phone since they informed me a credit had been issued, they said no!!!! Buy this time the technician had left for another service call and took the part with him.

On September 8, 2008 a technician came back out to the house to repair the washer without the part that was order, because the first repair man took it with him on 9/5/08. Dida schedule this service call and called the original technician back and ask him if he could go back to my home, but he informed her he was to far away from my address to come back that day. He call my home around 4:30 pm 9/5/08 to inform us he would return on 9/8/08 between the hours of 8am and 5pm. And the Tech Line called him to say everything was okay for him to return. A different technician came out 9/8/08 and this hold process started over again with me calling to find out why my service agreement was still not valid.

Now I have spoken to over seven different Tech Line representatives and supervisors from San Antonio, TX to Hoffman Estates, IL. ; Sears refuses to salvage our 30 year relationship over a 50.70 refund. I originally paid 214.99 for this service agreement. I was not aware the credit was given to my corporate account because the company pays the bill and I reimburse only the charges that are personal at the end of the month. They never informed me of a credit that was given to me by Sears, so I was not aware that my service agreement was cancelled until I called for service in August 2008. The hardcopy agreement that I had states that my agreement was good until 2/6/2009. I received no correspondence in writing that this protection had been cancelled. My husband and I purchased another service agreement on our Kenmore refrigerator months later because we realized the value of this agreement was worth the money. As you can see from the fist service call on the washer they charged 164.29 for a switch. To date they have never sent a hardcopy agreement for the refrigerator, but when I call about it they have it on file. It was mentioned several times during our conversation and debate over my washer agreement. Every time you call 1-800-4-MY-HOME line the first thing they ask is your phone number and which product do you need service for.

My husband and I own more Kenmore/Craftsman product in our home than any other manufacturer. And I don??t want to be haunted by this awful experience for the rest of my life. I just want Sears to admit to ? the mistake of cancelling the agreement in error, which Stephanie at the corporate office did admit, but informed me that there was nothing she could do because the credit had been issued 6 months ago. Stephanie instructed me until this service was either taken care of as collect repair she could not issue another service agreement on this product. I don??t feel I should have to purchase another agreement when Sears insured the wrong item in the beginning. They dread date in February 2008 was only to get the correct item protected and ask the value of the service call. What does a shopper have to do to feel appreciated as a customer in this struggling economy, has Sears gotten so narcissistic they don??t care anymore about there consumers anymore. Until I get some justice I will spread the word national that this service agreement is not worth the paper it??s printed on. I hope this nightmare doesn??t results in divorce from Sears, but I do understand the love for a relationship can sometime be taken advantage of.

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8dffb7ea, 2011-09-29, 09:23AM CDT

Your story is confusing and a tad far fetched. I have had my own problems with sears but being the storng not willing to take crap even if i have to spend 2 hours on phone person that i am it always got resolved. I don't know if you like to repeat yourself to make it seem like you call 80 times or what but seeing as though u initially used a credit card even if it was a company card the the whole protection agreement price could be disputed easily by contacting the credit card company problem solved unless your full of it like i think you are

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