Cathay Pacific - Rude Cathay Pacific Inflight Service Manager

Posted on Monday, September 1st, 2008 at 3:17pm CDT by cf04744e

Product: Inflight Service Manager - Jacqueline Lam

Company: Cathay Pacific

Location: HK


Category: Other

I took flight CX103 from Hong Kong to Brisbane on 27-July, seated 41C. It was not a pleasant flight already at the beginning because the plane's audio system was completely out of order.

The incident happened at around 2:00am HK time. The seat belt sign was on for quite awhile. I felt a bit cold and stood up trying to quickly get my jacket from the overhead compartment. I heard someone yelled at me from behind, spoke aloud "Do you know there is a turbulence now?" in a rude and extremely unfriendly tone. I know I was

not quite right but her wordings, tone, and attitude was so impolite and everybody looked at me. I am also surprised that one was the Inflight Service Manager. Indeed, she could speak directly rather than questioning me. I felt like a student being punished. I was surprised, and said "why you scold me?". She just denied that and say that "everything about safety has to be firm". I didn't argue with her and back on my seat, but I cannot accept that being her reason to speak rudely.

10 minutes later, I saw another woman who was sitting 7 rows in front of me left her seat going to the toilet. Another crew member came up

quickly, but that staff spoke softly, polite and sincere, asked the woman to return to her seat in Cantonese. Immediately I, and everyone,

can tell the difference of between the two.

Later I asked her name and she replied 'Jacky'. I told her that I am going to lodge a complaint against her. She said "fine, go ahead" and

again just said "everything regarding safety has to be firm". Furthermore, she said that "I am the most senior one here, I am the Manager!".

I totally agree safety is important. But her bad manner and attitude is unacceptable. Even though I was not right, I don't deserve such a insult. She is the most impolite staff I'd ever met in Cathay Pacific.

I lodged the complaint via CX website and a few weeks later a gentlemen called me. I am not satisfied with his routine response and he just credited me some asiamiles and considered this case closed. That's stupid because I can get similar mileage easily say by applied new credit card already. That mileage credit cannot compensate my insult from their most senior service staff on the cabin!

Cathay Pacific is not a good airline to fly with such ill-tempered staff.


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