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I booked a 3 star rating hotel in Overland Park, KS, expecting to receive a moderate class hotel. Instead I received the economy hotel of Drury (PEAR TREE INN) a 2 star property. After calls with Hotwire all they did was read to me comments from guest that stayed there. Hotwire rated the property as a 3 star and would not change their stand. I know how Hotwire works, I have used the service for several years and I also understand the difference between a 2 star and a 3 star property. I hope its just more then the comments, that a judgment on how to classify a hotel, if so the Ritz Carrolton may have a bad rating one day and be in the 2 star class! I know I have other choices on hotel providers, I just want others to know what to watch for, when using HOTWIRE!

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07530567, 2008-09-02, 05:56AM CDT

I want to add this from HOTWIRES own website. This is what they advertise on their website as a 3 star. But what they give you, is rated on customers own comments. (VERY MISLEADING)

Midscale 3 star

Examples: Holiday Inn, Radisson, Doubletree

These midscale establishments place a greater emphasis on style, comfort

and personalized service than hotels with lower star ratings.

These full-service properties usually feature traditional lobby d??cor,

baggage assistance, on-site dining, room service and a gift shop.

Additional onsite amenities -- such as a business center or fitness

center -- may also be available.

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