Dell Inc. - Dell Customer service is terrible

Posted on Thursday, October 9th, 2008 at 10:50am CDT by 40f07351

Product: Customer and Sales service

Company: Dell Inc.

Location: One Dell Way, Mail Stop 8129

Category: Other

This all started two days ago when my computer AC adapter crapped out. I called dell to order another on since I tried to order online and was told they were having technical difficulties getting orders to go through electronically. I talked to a woman named Rona or something like that, I couldn't understand her, and she sure as heck didn't know any english which left spanish, I don't speak spanish, however I speak six other languages. I could not find one we both knew.I told her three time I was purchasing an AC adapter for my personal laptop. Another word I don't think she knew, laptop. I hung up with her, this was on tuesday mind you. On wednesday I received my adapter only to find out it is the wrong one. One must wonder about the intelligence of a business when someone gets an adapter for a camera and a laptop computer AC adapter mixed up. So last night 10-8-08 I call dell, this time I talk to Mae, another idiot who doesn't speak english for crap, but she at least knew what a laptop is. I tell her to rush deliver it, well they will rush deliver it but they won't ship it until the 14th of october.Of course it is their mistake, I am a student, I was working on a paper when my AC adapter quit on me. I use my computer for everything, I can't function without my computer. So I am telling the sales rep, Mae about the dilemma here all she says I understand I am a student. I don't think she does, so I am here now explaining to my professors and the entire campus that I am going to fail my test that is due tomorrow all because dell can't hire English speaking emplyees in the American departments of the company. They made a mistake, a 27,000 dollar mistake, as I am a 4.0 student, my scholarship will not allow anything less. So therefore this test could cost me a 27,000 dollar scholarship all because of dell. And what Mae have to say about this, "I'm sorry, I understand I am a student too, but it will ship out on the 14th." I am planning on getting a new computer I am planning on spending an ungodly amount on this new computer, guess what company it will not be with now?


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