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Company: Royal Holiday OR HOLIDAY CLUBS LTD.

CANCUN, N/, Q.R00 7750, MX


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No satisfaction has been received-bait and switch-have received nothing short of the run-around-this is an absolute scam-they have $2500 deposit and expect me to pay $7500 in monthly payments-i will not send a nickel in monthly payments until this is resolved and have received no revised amendment to honor what was initially offered-have phone records that cancelled with sales rep-but am repeatedly told no cancellataion allowed. Read many horror stories online and cannot trust Royal Holiday. I am just so sorry I ever fell for their lies.

email string below:

Mr. Dominguez

Have not yet received reply from your side.

Need resolved prior middle of Oct.

Will not submit any monthly payment until resolved as per below.

If no satisfaction received -will not send any payment.

If my credit is affected in any way as I wait resolution then will not send any payment and I will respond with lawsuit.

As I have discussed prior-just looking to be treated fairly as had been discussed during initial presentation with sales rep. as outlined below.

I can also make a strong case that I left several voicemails to cancel with Ryan Grover as I have phone records on my side as proof-phonecalls fall within 5 day cancellation period-but all I have ever requested from your company is to receive what I had initially agreed to at presentation-not a bait and switch routine or an outright scam.

If no satisfaction will be offered from your side-then will have to discuss cancellation w/ penalty-which most likely will mean my losing my initial deposit.

But again-I simply ask to be given what was initially offered so this can be resolved fairly and am in good standing.

I am losing patience with your company and thus far my experience has been nothing short of unpleasant and aggravating.

This is not the message to send to build your business and gain new customers.

Please advise asap.

Dear Brett:

I am checking with my supervisor to get a hold of the sales representatives so we can come back with a good offered for you to fit your needs.

However this might take some time in order for the sales department to take actions in this matter. But as soon as I get an answer I will let you know.


Gerardo Dominguez F.

New Member Service Agent

Royal Holiday

Toll Free: 1-800-961-1810 ext 2611

Toll Free Fax: 1800-961-1812 ext 2611

Oficinas Corporativas M??xico

Tel. (52-55) 56278880 Ext. 2611

Fax. (52-55) 56278802 ext. 2611

E-mail: [email protected]

Mr. Dominguez

I have been trying to resolve this with reps @ Royal Holiday-since my return from vacation over 6 weeks ago. Thus far to no avail.

My point has been simple.

I already own two timeshares-1) with Willowbrook in Poconos, PA in US and 2) with Sunset group-Playa del Carmen/Cancun

I made it very clear to Ryan Grover-that unless there was a benefit with Royal Holiday-I would not be interested.

The rep prior Ryan Grover-offered me a large package which I declined (as I already own 2 timeshares-there's only so much vacation I could take each year due to job constraints). I was also told about 10,000 pts per year for 30 years-and I clearly declined as that would not offer me any added benefit to what I already own.

Ryan Grover then told me he understood my current situation and told me that he could accelerate the plan-meaning rather than 10k pts accumulate each year for 30 years-I would receive my points up front and they would be good for 15 yrs (-total number of points 300k). The reason for this as he explained-would be this:

He would give me many incentives to join:

Certificate for unlimted travel to Mexico and Caribean for x years

2 vacations

a dream vacation

etc etc

Because-I have these incentives-and should take advantage of these incentives-I simply would sell back points to Royal Holiday because I have incentives to cover the first few years. By selling back points-Id receive $2,000 (when I sell back 30 Kpts) which would be wired to my bank account. By doing this-my out of pocket for the downpayment ($2500) is greatly reduced and all I have left would be a small difference and then the monthly payment to handle.

That package made sense and complemented the timeshares that I already own.

I spoke with my wife, who was still hesitant, but I confirmed that the package as presented would give us an added benefit to what we already own and the cost would be quite manageable as most of the downpayment would be reimbursed once we sell the points back to Royal Holiday-and the incentives would fill in the gap of selling back the points for the first couple of years.

At that point-Ryan Grover said great and screamed out MUSICA! and started clapping.

A woman then came out with paperwork-and said that it was getting towards the end of the day-so if we could complete the paperwork quickly we would soon be on our way and back to our vacation.

I was trying to review the paper (I pointed out that the billing which was supposed to start in Sept was initially down as August so that was corrected-but after I pointed out that initial discrepency-I was told that I really had to hurry up a bit in order to process or Id have to come back and take more time from my vacation to complete.

After that-while on vacation-I still had queries and called Ryan Grover-I was told by reps at Royal Holiday (interior del hotel hyatt cancun caribe tele 998-883-4906-that I would be contacted-after numerous attempts-I received a brief call from Ryan Grover-who told me he was at the bank and he will call me back shortly-and after more numerous attempts-had not received any call back. In my messages-I clearly stated to reps and to Ryan directly that if this in any indication of what I am to expect from your company-"Cancel my membership immediately." MY final messages were to cancel my membership asap. I couldn't cancel my membership even if I wanted to- bacause I could get in contact with anyone.

Ive travelled to Mexico-for several years-been to Playa del Carmen, Cancun etc and Ive never had a problem with merchants or businesses. Everyone has always been hospitable and polite. Sometimes, a little aggressive-but I understand sales-so that is ok-but NEVER have I ever experienced such outright misrepresentation and lies.

Ive been calling reps @ Royal Holiday because I am quite surprised that Royal Holiday would not want a satisfied customer with many referrals (as most of timeshare is word of mouth business). Thus far-with reps prior-I have received the runaround and with my call prior yours-I was told the rep understands and membership will be cancelled and I should be receiving that in the mail-but all I have received is a past due collection notice-which is ridiculous.

Now I dont want to hear well you signed it-so now you're stuck-because in the US that is called bait and switch and is illegal. I was informed I have only 5 days to cancel-the number of days coincidentally ties in to the number of days that people vacation which is a week or more-so chances are people do not cancel during that period because they are still on vacation. And I verbally left several messages during my vacation with reps at hotel and with Ryan Grover to cancel my membership and my calls were not returned.

I learned of the misrepresentaion in the package when I returned from my vacation and I discussed what I was offered with the Finance Rep .I was asked to pay off the package in full and get a slightly better rate while I was told in the same breath that what I was offered at the table is not what I will be receiving.

Now I do not want to believe-that your business is based on a scam-but rather my whole bad experience is simply a misunderstanding. As I have repeated consistently-I simply want what I was offered at the table and I want it in writing-that is what I was led to believe and that is what I agreed to.

I will not be taken for a fool-if your company wants to play hardball-I have no problem. I am well established in my business in NY and I have attorneys on retainer. In the end, worst case scenario-your collection agency will try to damage my reputaion and I will most certainly damage your reputation-by calling my friends in public relations and advertising and making it public to avoid your company like the plague. You will not see a penny from me and I will not see any enjoyment from using any of your services.

Overall it will be a lose lose situation-but one I am prepared to engage in as I will not be taken for a fool and I stand behind my honesty and conviction.

I simply want what was offered at the table (in writing). In addition I should be offereed apologyand an incentive to remain a member for the aggravation that I have thus endured up to this point. If that occurs-I would expect you to contact the collection agency so no harm comes to my good credit standing and I will arrange funds to bring the account up to date as agreed.

That is all.


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Eva C., 2013-06-01, 11:50AM CDT

I'm sorry to hear this happened to you. I too was scammed in Playa del Carmen, but this time by Sandos/Royal Elite. It seems like timeshare resorts are taking advantage of vacationers, and it's sad that because of them the reputation of Mexico is being affected. Fortunately, I could get out of it, but I've lost over 10,000 USD. There is no way I'm a attending a timeshare presentation now, I consider this as a hard-learned lesson. This a forum with more complaints made to Royal Elite Timeshare Scams:

ROSE W., 2013-11-19, 06:17AM CST

I was also scammed. I have papers that state I am to receive a full refund and my membership was cancelled. I have been fighting this for over 4 years. My husband is now sick and I don't think I have the energy to fight to get my $12,200 + Ryan Grover and Ernesto Barberi have signed papers stating I will get my money and they will help me. I have a stack of papers and no money.

steven t., 2015-06-29, 10:58AM CDT

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