Circut City - Purchased 65'' TV promotional FREE Playstation lll intrest FREE one year

Posted on Wednesday, October 8th, 2008 at 1:00pm CDT by 55beeb7e

Company: Circut City

Location: SR 436 Altamonte Springs Florida. 32708
Altamonte Springs, Fl, US

Category: Other

Last Christmas 07 I purchased a 65" TV from Circut City, along with the purchase of this TV I received a FREE Playstation 3. I open a rewards CC and was told with my purchase all items would be intrest FREE for 1 year. (3) months later I started getting billed for the FREE playstation 3. I called customer service, they sent me back to store. Manager(Eddie) said I would need to pay the balance off for the FREE playstation 3, so I pd 700.00 to cover all items less TV. The next month I recieved another bill with intrest, went back to store manager said I would need to contact customer service I did so, they sent me back to store, talk with manager Eddie again C.S. said the promotion was keyed in incorrectly and a store manager could correct this problem. Eddie suggested I pay another 300.00 so I did. Please note for the last three months I have received lates fees for interest FREE for one year and paid 1k. On the same day Eddie called Chase CC CS, spoke to Chase CS rep. I and the CS rep and I went over what I was told by store manager to pay off out standing balance to get intrest FREE for one year. Chase CS rep said that Chase has a contract with Circut City to apply all monies toward the origional promotion, before applying any monies towards other purchases. I called customer service to go over details, they finally started a case # 2306904 and sent me back to the store. C.S. gave me Store Director, Steven Sterijeski name and number, which turn out to be the stores number. I went back to the store after receiving 3rd statement with accrued interest of on interest FREE purchase and the APR went from 14.49% to 186.27% on a intrest FREE for one year CC and have paid 1K toward other purchases (please note I have a credit score of 754) not some slacker, just want to point out a FRAUDULENT SCHEME I spoke with Operation Mngr. Eric. Eric was very aware of this issue. I ask Eric how could anyone possibly get a interest FREE for one year rewards card and recieve a FREE playstation 3 that was charged to my CC and the price for the TV was adjusted to pay for the FREE playstation 3 and paid 1k for other purchases made during Christmas as of which monies only go to the original promotion item. Eric stated that in order to have interest FREE for one year for the TV, I would have needed to return the FREE playstation 3 for a store credit, Eric stated all of the information is on my sale receipt. Note CS said the purchase was coded incorrectly by store! I told Eric this was such a scam, when one at Christmas comes in to the store to purchase a TV and a sales pitch of " Do you have children? Yes. If you purchase one of these 4 TV's you'll recieve a FREE playstation 3 and if you would like to open a Circut City Rewards card, you can also receive intrest FREE for one year, what a deal!!!!!!! OH by the way Store Director Steven Sterijeski has never called me back after numerous calls to the store requesting a return call. I dont know Steven has been notified, last spoke with OP Mngr Eric on 10/06, Eric stated after 9-10 months later there is nothing that can be done, I replied to Eric I have been in your store on 4 different occaions and/or for the last 4 months to correct this problem, Eric stated, "I dont know what to tell you, I said please have Steven give me a call and that I understand this is above your head and thanks for your support. I will be paying off this FRAUDULENT SCAM today and will never purchase another item from Circut City Inc.


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