LCBO - More rude LCBO staff

Posted on Tuesday, October 7th, 2008 at 1:06pm CDT by 4e2f92c4

Product: LCBO

Company: LCBO

Location: World Exchange Tower, Ottawa
Ottawa, On, CF

Category: Other

When shopping for Red Stripe beer, I noticed that a special tag (for discount price) was 2 weeks old. I asked the staff members if this was still valid and if not shouldn't it be taken down. 30ish year old feminine male staff member made comment: "Oh, so we're not perfect at everything, big deal !" I was very surprised at this comment and said: "Well, when you have a job, you should at least do it well."

The man actually said: "Yes, sir!", which I ignored. The female staff member kept quiet; when I returned to the store to get the manager's name, the female staff member was very helpful and respectful while the male staff member was standing around doing nothing.

I recommend to consumers not to use this store; use other LCBO outlets or even better go to the Qubec side liquor stores where the customer service and friendliness is outstanding. Johnnie Walker is also $3 cheaper there.

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a5180d3d, 2008-12-23, 02:02AM CST

I agree, any LCBO you walk into nowadays, the staff are very rude. Something should be done about this!!!! ASAP. or the media is in the immediate future. Everyone should post their experience on here. My experience was at the Rideau and King Edward Location.

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